Dead and Gone (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

You wouldn't think zombies were real. That they were just a myth. Just fake stories that people would tell to scare children. Except this time, the story came to life. Then I met Harry. One of the survivors. I didn't like talking to new people, honestly. Except he knew how I felt. How I was scared. I felt safe around him. I felt like he protected me. We only met because we were survivors though. We couldn't fall in love. This isn't your ordinary fairy tale. Usually the princess falls in love with the prince and they live happily ever after. We may like each other, but we are not living happily ever after. We're living a nightmare.


1. Chapter One

I pack into the Hummer with the few humans alive. We all had guns and knives. For all I know, the world was coming to an end.
I always thought zombies weren't real. I always thought they were just a rumor. 
I was wrong.
I look out the window as I felt like I should just die. Why should I try to live if there were only a few humans alive? 
"Farah?" My friend, Maya had blurted out. I snap my head in her direction.
She was sitting right beside me. "Where are we going?" I say as I clutch my gun.
"We're going to a house with a field. There's more humans there." She says and smiles. "We're going to die.." I whisper. "Don't say that.. We've came this far. We can hopefully get through this." She takes ahold of my hand, trying to comfort me.
"I'm scared." I state to her.
"We all are. We have each other though."
Her words do not help me. I look at my jeans that I have worn for days. They were filthy. My brown hair was in tangles. 
"When will we be there?" I blurt out to the man driving. "Next morning. I'd get some sleep if I were you." He answers me.
I look back, seeing another car following. A van. 
My heart is beating fast. I feel like I am going to barf it up. I was so nervous. 
I lean my head on the side of the window, shutting my eyes.
I awake to the car stopping. 
"We're here." Maya says quietly. I climb out of the huge car, walking over to the field along with the group. I notice a large fire and people sitting around it. I remember I had skinny jeans on, so it was a bit hard to walk. I tug at my black tee, pulling it down. 
I tighten my grip on my gun for safety. I walk over to the new group as they introduce themselves. A boy with brown curls walks over to me.
"Hi." He says with a smile.
"Hi." I greet back at him, a bit rude. "I'm Harry." He tells me, holding his hand out.
"Farah." I shake his hand and I sit down on a log. "How long have you been here?" I question him. "For a week, maybe." He had a British accent. 
I wasn't used to British accents, but we were traveling the world for a safe place. I look around everywhere, it was empty. The tall grass was flowing with the wind. 
I look back seeing a couple. I feel bad for them, knowing they're afraid to lose each other. "Why are we here?" I ask another question. 
"This is the safest place we have located so far." He says and adds a smile. 
He had a strap around his shoulder which held a huge gun. 
He had a belt which was full of weapons. "Farah!" Maya calls out. I look over at her. She was smiling. How come she's smiling? We're all going to die.
"How are you liking it?" She asks with a huge grin. "I guess it's okay." I say. "There's a house back there with some bedrooms. We have to share them though." She explains to me. 
"It's still morning." I say and chuckle. 
"I know." She says with a laugh.
I look back down with my chuckle disappearing. I hear Maya walk over.
"It will be okay, Farah. We will get through this." She says and puts her arm around me to pull me in a hug. She was like a sister to me. She always made me feel better.
But I don't believe she can fix this situation.
Helloooooo. xx I hope you enjoyed chapter one of Dead&Gone! Just wanted to say a huge thanks to my friend Tilana, she helped me plan it out! Love you all. :) xx


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