Perfect Timing

Cierra just moved from New York, America to London, England. Her life sucks. With a job at Starbucks to keep her apartment, and no friends. But then she meets Liam Payne`s little sister and they become bestfriends. Then, there is Niall.


3. The Surprise!


     In the morning I took her home. Her house was huge! She welcomed me in. I refused, but she insisted. I gave in. As I walked in, five familiar faces appeared. Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall from One Direction! I wanted to scream, but instead I stood there looking like a idiot. Lucy said "Oh yeah. Did I mention my last name is Payne? As in Liam Payne." She giggled a little as she brought me towards the living area where the boys were. She introduced me saying "Guys this is my new friend Cierra. She is awesome. You`ll love her!" I smiled at what she said. And now I know why she didn`t talk about home life. Liam came up to me and shook my hand saying "hi! I`m Liam. Nice to meet you." Then Louis, "Hey There Lucy`s lady friend! I`m Louis!" Zayn just waved and said "aye, I`m Zayn." Harry said " hello, I`m Harry call me Haz if you like?" Then, there was Niall. He hugged me and said "Hey lad! I`m Niall! Bout time Lucy had a new friend! haha." He seemed a little nervous. He looked so cute, and has always been my favorite. I couldn`t believe he hugged me! I snapped back to reality as Zayn asked me what part of America I was from. I bet he could tell by my accent. I told them New York. After that, we all sat around and talked for hours. It felt like ten minutes. I kept feeling a stare from my left. Which was where Niall was. I`d look at him and he would look away. It felt like a game. It was kinda cute.

    By the time we were done talking it was like 5:00 p.m. Everyone was hungry. While we were all talking earlier I had said that I am a reall good cook. So of course, Harry begged me to make them tacos. Everyone agreed. So I finally gave in to there begging, and made tacos.

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