Perfect Timing

Cierra just moved from New York, America to London, England. Her life sucks. With a job at Starbucks to keep her apartment, and no friends. But then she meets Liam Payne`s little sister and they become bestfriends. Then, there is Niall.


8. kflasuif


  I grabbed my bag and started to head toward the door, but Niall ran in front of the door and blocked it. I smiled and said "Niall? Can you move? Please?" "No! Cierra I don`t like being alone. It scares me." He said batting his eyes like a little kid. I laughed and put my bag back down and sat on the couch. He smiled and jumped over the couch sitting down. "Cierra?" "Yeah?" "Can you be the bestest friend in the whole wide world and grill me a ham sandwich?" I laughed and said "Well, just to be nice. haha." He smiled turning the telly on.

  After making the sandwich I decided to make me one. It looked amazing! I sat down on the couch handing him the sandwhich while eating mine. He laughed and said "Dang girl! Big bite, eh?" "Hey! I like my food!" "Well, can`t judge ya there." We just sat there in silence. I didn`t feel like watching football (soccer) so I changed it and sat on the remote so he couldn`t get it. He started tickling me to get me up. I grabbed the remote and threw it so he couldn`t have it. He kept tickling me. I laughed harder. He ended up making me laugh so hard I fell onto the floor. He then got on the floor and kept tickling me. Then, our eyes met, they locked. At that exact perfect moment, he leaned down and kissed me.

  As he rose off of me my eyes opened. He hurried over to sit on the floor with his back against the couch. He was just staring at the floor. He looked like he had made the worst mistake of his life. I didn`t like seeing him this way so I sat next to him. He looked up at me and said "Cierra I didn`t mean to. I`m really I was just caught up in the moment.. Really I didn`t mean to." My eyes got watery, I wanted to cry. I was starting to like him, but I second guessed if he liked me back. I doubt it. He must of noticed because he hugged me and said "I didn`t mean it that way. You are beautiful, you can cook, you aren`t scared to eat in front of us, you play around with us, you are amazing. It`s just I figured you didn`t like me or had a boyfriend or something." "Nope.. I have no boyfriend, and I don`t not like you." I said smiling. His eyes lit up at the end of my sentence. He gave me a big hug and held me close. The rest of our alone time we sat there watching movies.

                                              (xx! Sorry it took so long to update. I was at my grandmas and she doesn`t have wifi and then we have been shopping for the last two days. Well Loves my happily readers(;               -Cierraaa!!

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