Perfect Timing

Cierra just moved from New York, America to London, England. Her life sucks. With a job at Starbucks to keep her apartment, and no friends. But then she meets Liam Payne`s little sister and they become bestfriends. Then, there is Niall.


2. A friend.


    My first time shopping at this mall. So far I`m having fun! But I miss shopping with my best friend. After Forever 21, I figured I`d go to Starbucks. I noticed I was dropping stuff. One of the bags had a huge hole. As I was picking stuff up, I bumped into a girl. She apologized. She had long bright blonde hair! She was very skinny and tall. She had bright green eyes, and perfectly clear skin! She had a light tan.Then, she looked at me strangely. I thought to myself she must think I`m weird. I can`t afford people not liking me. I already have no friends. She said "I think I overheard you talking to the worker in Forever 21. So you just moved here?" I replied " Yeah. And I`m sorta lost." She told me she could use a shopping buddy. So we shopped together for about two hours. We didn`t really talk about stuff. She just told me her name was Lucy and she was 17 that`s about it. 

    After shopping we went outside to our cars. Her car didn`t start, so she went home with me. We stopped for some food before we went home. When we got home we just sat around and talked and watched movies. It got late so she decided to stay. I showed her a guest room. As I lied in my bed I wondered why she didn`t want to talk about her personal life. She didn`t talk about home or family, and I didn`t understand. I told her all about life in New York. My family, my friends. All of it. It made no sense. 

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