My Summer Romance

In every girls life there's a boy she will never forget and a summer it all started.

*Contains some mature content*


1. My Sweat Shirt Story

I was walking down the crowded pier of the famous Venice Beach. All you could smell was the weed, and all you could see were the joyful people walking and selling things along the side. I was all alone, with my hands shoved into my over sized Santa Monica sweat shirt. 

I spotted a ice cream parlor just a little ways in front of me, and decided I was in the mood for an ice cream cone. 

I sped to the parlor, and ordered a classic vanilla soft serve ice cream waffle cone. I went outside and continued walking around the pier, and as I was walking I saw a teen running backwards, nearly about to crash into me, being reckless with his friends.

"Exuc-" I was saying, until the reckless teen ran into me, making my ice cream cone spill all over my sweat shirt. Which I didn't mention was new.

The guy turned around, with his eyes widening as he inspected my face.

"Are you serious right now?" I fumed, as I was trying to wipe the ice cream off my sweat shirt with my hands.

"I normally wouldn't care if I did this to someone else, but you're too hot to ignore," he smirked, as he looked at me up and down.

"Beat it asshole," I barked, as I walked right past him.

"Damn! Thanks for the view of your fine ass!" the obnoxious boy called out after me.

I rolled my eyes, not turning around as I sped walked to the bathroom.

It was an outside bathroom, with the sinks and mirrors being outside and such.

I stopped in front of a sink, and looked at my messy reflection in the mirror. My long dark brown hair was curly, because the humidity always made it that way, and thankfully my makeup wasn't smeared yet, and my beautiful sweat shirt was now completely smeared with vanilla ice cream on it. 

I was terribly upset, because I loved this sweat shirt, and now it's ruined because of some careless asshole teenager. 

I put some warm water on my hand, as I tried to wipe it off. It didn't seem to be working, as it was spreading the ice cream over my shirt even more.

I groaned, as I stomped off from the bathroom, making my way to the nearest clothing shop. 

I went inside, and started looking for some cheap sweat shirts I could buy, so I didn't have to wear this all day. While I was looking, I accidentally bumped into a guy. I looked up to see what he looked like, and I found myself lost in his big brown eyes. Similar to mine, but a lot lighter.

"Oh, I'm s-sorry," I sputtered.

"It's okay," he smiled brightly at me.

I gave him a small smile back, as I walked to the other side of the shop, trying to avoid him. I didn't want to look like an idiot again.

When I looked up, I saw him towering me again.

"Hello again," I chuckled, while I quickly glanced at his thin perfectly shaped lips.

"I couldn't leave this question unanswered so I thought I might as well ask you now. What happened to your sweatshirt?" he asked me, with a cute half smile on his face

"What you don't like it? I got it custom made," I giggled.

"Makes sense. I've never seen anything like it before," he laughed along.

I felt my cheeks turning hot, as I knew I needed to tell him what happened.

"Just some reckless asshole ran into me and my ice cream fell all over me," I explained.

"Why was he a reckless asshole?" the cute guy asked me, with a smile falling upon his face.

"Because he was just saying a bunch of bullshit," I answered, starting to fume up again.

"Well I'm sorry about that," the guy apologized to me. Which I didn't understand why, because it wasn't his fault.

"Yeah me too," I sighed, as I walked a little bit away from him, browsing for some sweat shirts.

"So I'm guessing that's the reason you're looking for a sweat shirt," he said following me.

"Spot on," I chuckled.

The boy nodded, as he was looking in the same area I was. I wondered what he wanted, and why he keeps talking to me. It's not like I didn't like it, because he was pretty attractive, but I wonder what the reason is.

I spotted a cute black sweat shirt, that said, VENICE BEACH on it with the capital letters, and I decided to get it.

"You found the one you wanted eh?" the boy asked me.

"Sure did," I nodded, as I walked to the register.

I heard the boys foot steps behind me as he appeared next to me.

"That will be twenty-one dollars and twenty-two cents," the worker told me.

I nodded as I pulled my wallet out of my messy sweat shirt pocket, and then I looked up and saw the boy handing the worker the money.

"Thanks have a nice day," the worker told us, as the boy picked up my sweat shirt and walked out of the shop.

I wonder what he was doing?

I chased him, and saw him sitting on a near by bench.

I rushed over to him, and stood in front of him.

"Hey what are you doing?" I asked him.

"Here," he said, as he handed me my sweat shirt.

"Why'd you do that?" I asked.

"Do what? Take it, or pay for it?" he asked.


I saw his cheeks starting to turn a light shade of red, and his smile starting to become wider.

"I paid for it, because I felt bad for you. And I took it, so you could follow me," he smiled.

"Well okay. Let me give you your money back hang on," I said, as I started reaching for my wallet.

"No don't. It's my present to you."

I smiled, as I put my wallet away.

"Thanks," I thanked him, then turned around and walked away.


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