My Summer Romance

In every girls life there's a boy she will never forget and a summer it all started.

*Contains some mature content*


5. My Campfire Plan

Charlotte's P.O.V.


I can't believe he kissed me. I barley know the guy, and he saw I was super nervous and kissed me anyway. He was so great at kissing, I can imagine how terrible I was. I didn't know exactly what I felt about him yet. Yes, he was very good looking, but I can't discover his personality really. I hope he is a good guy, and there isn't only sex on his mind. Hopefully I get to see him again, I mean I did give him my number and everything. 

I went inside to my room, and opened my laptop. I saw that Megan messaged me.

Megan: char! how did it go?!

I smiled uncontrollably and sat down and started typing.

Me: meg it was great. we went to a super fancy steak house and we talked about lots of stuff then he took me home and...............

Megan: and............?!

Me: kissed me!

Megan: shut up!!!!!!! 

Me: i dont think i can.

Megan: well...? was it awesome?!

Me: yes. but i was so nervous i dont think i did good. he was awesome tho.

Megan: well good! he did kiss lots of girls in the show and some movies hes in.

Me: thanks megan... i know that.

Megan: im just saying i bet he is good! because he kissed you for real! not because it was in his script!

Me: i know! anyway im super tired imma go to sleep. ill message you all the latest dylan updates later k?

Megan: ok night

Me: night

I got up from the chair and started pacing around my room. I kept repeating the moment Dylan leaned down and kissed me in my head. I guess that really made me happy, that someone famous actually wanted to kiss me. Should I tell people? Would Dylan get mad at me? I mean this is my time to brag to everyone showing that I'm not a complete and utter loser. 

Should I post a status? Or tell Dylan to kiss me again and post a picture on Instagram? Maybe I could become popular out of this, maybe Dylan is my key. 

I'll wait for him to kiss me again so I can have the proof.

I quickly changed into my pajamas, and brushed my teeth. I crawled into my bed and started scrolling through my phone. I clicked on Netflix, and searched up Dylan O'Brien. A movie named High Road, which I remember Dylan talking about popped up. I clicked on it, put my headphones in and started watching.


I woke up to my phone vibrating on my chest which scared me. I quickly picked up and saw I still had ten minutes to High Road, but I crashed before I could finish it. I looked at the clock on my phone and it read 1:30 PM. Damn, I slept in late. I checked to see who texted me and I saw a random number and the text read,

Hey charlotte its dylan text me when u can

Aw Dylan texted me! Maybe he was thinking about me? I decided to wait a few minutes before I replied.

Hey, what's up?

Was that too formal? I hope it wasn't.

I got up slowly out of bed, and made it as quick as possible then slouched over to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Before I put the toothbrush in my mouth I saw Dylan had texted me.

Hey i was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight? all my friends are getting together at Venice Beach at like 9:00 to have a campfire near the water and lots of ppl are gonna be there so u wanna come with me?

Yay! Dylan invited me to hang out again. And campfires are usually fun right? I brushed my teeth, and washed up before I replied to Dylan.

Yeah sure!

I went back inside my room and plopped on my bed scrolling through my phone, waiting for Dylan to reply. 

Ok cool ill pick u up at 8:45 then?

I decided might as well just reply right away.

Sure! don't you need my address?

I continued scrolling. And I saw Dylan had responded like a minute later.

nah. i got it memorized;)

What's up with the winky face? I decided to not even respond to that, even though it was somewhat flattering. 

Tonight I can get a kissing picture of Dylan and I by the water, which would be super romantic. But I need someone to take a sneaky one, so Dylan didn't know and no one else noticed either. But who would do that for me without telling Dylan or thinking I'm crazy?

Maybe I could tell Megan to come and just casually walk by and snap a picture.

I went on my phone to send a text to her.

listen I need you to be at Venice Beach tonight at like 9:30 PM. dylan invited me to hang with him with all his friends and i want you to take a picture of me and him secretly tho kissing by the water. pleasseee?


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