My Summer Romance

In every girls life there's a boy she will never forget and a summer it all started.

*Contains some mature content*


4. I'm Driving Myself Crazy Over Her

Dylan's P.O.V.


I was staring at Charlotte's beautiful plump glossy lips, so tempted to kiss them. I don't know how she felt about it, because her facial expression was completely blank and she looked so pale. I didn't know if I should just kiss her, or let it pass for another time. Charlotte's eyes were blinking rapidly, and her lips were trembling. She knew I wanted to kiss her, and she was very nervous. I flashed her a wide smile, as I placed my hand gently on her rosy red cheek, puckered my lips, and leaned down to kiss her. Her eyes blinked even faster when I got closer to her face which made me chuckle, but I still went along with it. Then the moment happened. The beautiful girl's lips I met yesterday were connected to mine. I didn't want to kiss her too intensely so I gently sucked on her bottom lip. She was so nervous, her lips were trembling and she was unsure of how to kiss me. It was adorable so I kept kissing her anyways. 

I stopped kissing her when we hit about the fifteen second mark.

"Goodnight Dylan," she smiled at me slightly, and walked into her house, giving me one last glance before she shut the door.

"Wait," I said, as I quickly put my hand on the door stopping her from shutting it. 

"Yes?" she asked, trying to keep a smile from escaping her lips.

"I never did get your number," I smiled brightly at her.

She giggled, and looked down embarrassed.

"No, you actually never did!" she exclaimed sarcastically.

"May I have it?" I chuckled.

She nodded, as I got my phone out of my pocket and started typing in what she told me.

"Thanks," I nodded at her, as I placed my phone back in my pocket.

"Goodnight," she told me again.

"Goodnight," I echoed, as she shut the door.

I didn't leave right away because for some reason I got really happy about that kiss. It felt right. I was smiling like an idiot, and then I left her door step. I was walking to my car feeling better then I ever felt about a kiss. 


"You fucked the bitch didn't you?" my friend Jake spat through the other line.

"Dude I actually might like this one," I confessed.

"Awww look at you getting all lovey dovey. Aren't you adorable?" Jake told me sarcastically.

"I don't even know why I told you about her."

"Stop being a little pussy."

"If I say I like her. Dude I like her."

"You met her yesterday in a clothing shop on Venice Beach. Are you crazy?"

"I think I might be."

"You are insane."

"I gotta go dude."

I hung up the phone. The only thing that's on Jake's mind is sex, and what "bitch" he is going to get next.

I looked at the clock and it was four A.M. The only thing I found myself thinking about is Charlotte. I just met the girl yesterday and I am driving myself crazy over her. I went on top of my bed covers and lied down facing the ceiling slowly shutting my eyes. 




hey sorry for such a short chapter you guys but I hoped you enjoyed it! hopefully ill be updating tomorrow! thanks<3

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