Saving Me in Secret

When I was a young girl, I used to dream about being rescued by a handsome prince in a far-off castle. Now... that story has come true. Only this story is in the middle of Chicago. I have no idea who that prince is. And he has rescued me exactly four times. Somewhere out there, my prince lives and keeps me safe. And this time, I am determined to find out who he is.


3. Mystery Savior's POV

The boy leaned against the brick wall. He had done it again--rescued Lisa. He knew she had seen his outline this time. She was getting closer and closer to his identity, and God only knew what would happen then. He himself had put her in danger for his love of her, and if they were at last united, horrible things would happen.

Suddenly lightning bolts of pain flashed through him. The boy cringed, looking up at the partially full moon that cast rays of pale light down on him. He knew that his time in this form was running out. The difference between this form and his usual form was so significant, he was literally unrecognizable. Oh, well. The time would come again, many times over. Except for that one complication... when he woke up as the normal boy, he would remember nothing. For him there were two different worlds: one as a high school student, and one as a master if the night. The version of him that lived in the night was so much better, and so much worse. For his senses were suddenly clarified then. His love for Lisa was so much more intense, his strength like that of the paranormal. But in the night, he had enemies. He had the threat of his love being captured and hurt, and the constant challenge of gangs trying to force him down. Yet it beat the dullness of his normal life by a thousand times.

His eyes flashed blue, accompanied by an ominous humming. He had no choice but to sit by and wait while his confidence and strength were drained away by the sinking moon and the rising sun, as his height decresed drastically and his memories flowed out into the morning breeze.

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