Styles Triplets

There's three of them? SHIT!


9. Chapter 9

Emma POV
"EMMA WHAT THE HELL?!" she yelled before she shut the door. Zayn did it and started looking confused at us both. Oh great she brought her "friend" bitch please we all know they probably did it together already anyways.

"Emma ariba a tu recamera niña!" She started yelling in spanish for me to go to my room.

"Ah ya calmate pendeja!" I shouted back telling her to calm down in spanish.

"Why are you here?!" She questioned.

"Because I was sent back." I stated.

"Who sent you back?!" She kept shouting. Gee once she starts yelling there's not stopping her.

"Our grandparents" I added.

"Why?" She yelled louder.


"What the fuck?" She said in a low voice. I looked at her and ran upstairs. Damn this is what I never wanted to do. I didn't want to talk about this. I jumped on my bed and snuggled with my pillow. My make up started staining it as the tears flowed. I couldn't think and my stomach is feeling weird. My body is numb and my heart aches. I hugged my pillow tighter and kept the river going. 

Marcel POV
I took off the contacts Harold had told me to wear. They kind of hurt. I walked over to him before he left for the girl he asked out. "Brother where's Jackie?" I asked as we headed out of school.

"I think she went home early." He stated and I nodded. "I'll see you later bro." He said and walked away. I guess I should still go to her house. I started walking the two miles. Man I don't have anyone to walk with.

"Marcel. Marcel. Marcel." I heard a faint voice call. I looked up no one. I turned around and looked in all directions. No one. What was that? It sounded like Jackie. No no no. It's my mind playing tricks on me. I kept walking and never heard the voice again. I adjusted my glasses and kept walking with my backpack hanging over my shoulder.

My cellphone beeped and I realized that it was on low batter all day. Now it's dead. :/ WTF?! Who just grabbed me. "Take the nerd down." I heard someone call. I closed my eyes and when I opened them my glasses were smashed on the hard ground.

"Haha stupid bitch" I heard a female say. I rolled myself up as they started kicked me. I could really use my brothers right now. They laughed as they kicked and threw random things at me. AHHHHHHH! My back.  DAMN! It fucking hurts! They I screamed in pain as they kept beating me up.

"Step away from him." It's Jackie.

"What are you gonna do about it?" The female questioned as she kicked me in the gut.

"Let him go." Jackie insisted.

"No bitch" the girl hissed. I heard footsteps and grunts. My vision was blurred but I could see that they were fighting. She shouldn't do that for me.

"Marcel leave." Zayn said as he stoppped someone else. I got up but I didn't run away I hid. I can't go anywhere if I can't see right. I waited with anxiety as the. Spunds trailed off.


"Marcel get up." Zayn said as he grabbed me by my arm. I heard twigs snap as Jackie walked back to me.

"You can't see can you?" She asked.

"Everything's a blur." I responded.

"Alright. Do you have another pair?" Zayn asked.

"I think there's one in my backpack." I answered.

"I'll check." Jackie stated as she shuffled through my backpack. Zayn still held me as I heard the sounds of the books and papers being shifted.

"Here." She said as she put them on me.

"Thank you" I smiled at her.

"You're all dirty now." She frowned breaking the silence.

"I'm fine." I said.

"I think we should cancel the tutoring." She said as she bit her lip.

"Why?" I asked.

"You should get home instead." She stated.

"No I'm fine. Anyways if I go home I'm just going to be alone." I smiled.

"You guys take care. I have to go my mom needs me." Zayn stated.

"Alrighty Zaynie" she stated as she gave him a kiss on the cheek and we failed doing the handshake thingy.

"Bye." I said as he walked away.

"So do we still get to do the tutoring thing?" I asked.

"Alright then." She smiled and picked up my backpack. We started walking to her house. "I forgot to tell you something." She grinned.

"What is it?" I questioned.

"I'm an orphan now." She said trying to cover up the hurt. I wrapped my arm around her.

"It's all going to be okay." I whispered into her ear.

"At least my sister came back." She stated wipping a tear away. She grabbed my arm and a flinched at her touch. She looked up at me and made a really cute and funny pouty face. Her lip popped out and I couldn't stop from smiling.

"Come on" she said practically dragging me into the house. She sat me down on the couch and went to the kitchen amd came back with popcorn. I smiled and took out my textbook.

"Alright this is study not I'm going to help you with your bobos."she smiled as she held a bottle of rubbing alcohol. She grabbed a cotton ball and soaked it with the alcohol and dabbed it on my skin.

"It hurts." I complained. I took off mt shirt as she kept adding the rubbing alcohol.

"Okay so let's start." I said as I looked at the book. "In this problem you have to-

Harry POV
"You showed up." She smiled as she stared at me.

"I did. Now come on." I smirked as I grabbed her hand. We started walking and ended at the cinema. We walked to the ticket both and I bought the tickets.

"What are we watching?" She asked.

"The conjuring." I smirked again. I know she will get scared so this is a good thing. She'll be afraid and that will make for a good cuddle session. We went into the screening room and sat down in the middle of the seats. We watched as the commercials passed by and the film started. I liked it and she cuddle up to me as soon as it started getting scary. Well for her. Hahah. When we got out she looked at me strangely.

"How can you watch thay with a smile on your face the whole time?" Jayde asked.

"How can cuddle up so fast if it wasn't so scary at the beginning?" I backfired. I grabbed her hand as we walked to an ice cream parlor. "2 strawberry ice creams please." I ordered and smiled at Jay

de. He handed us the ice cream and we walked around as we enjoyed our treats.

Jayde POV
"Come on Jayde." Harry laughed as he bumped me with his cart. Yes, we are on the bumper carts. I laughed as I turned and hit him back. He started following me around and I kept going.

"I'm gonna get ya." He smiled. Haha. He was about to hit me but then the round was over. I laughed again as we got out and walked away.

"I'll get you a pussy cat." He said pointing over to a plush cat. He grabbed a basketball and threw it through the hoop. He made and had to throw again. Once more and he can get the cat. He made the third shot and asked for the kitty.

"Here you go." Harry said as he handed me the kitty cat.

"I love you." I said as I kissed Harry. 


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