Styles Triplets

There's three of them? SHIT!


6. Chapter 6

Jackie POV
I feel dead. Ugh. "Zayn get up." I said as I pushed off the bed.

"Ugh. I'm up woman." He said as he laid on the floor.

"Get up then." I laughed throwing a pillow at him. He grabbed my ankle and made me fall on the floor.

"Zayn!" I said as I got back up.

"No school for me." He said and closed his eyes to sleep. I grabbed his leg and dragged him across the house to the bathroom. 

Zayn POV
"Zayn wake up," she called me. I didn't. This beautiful face needs its sleep.

"AH!" I yelled as the cold water hit my body. "Damn. What the fuck?!" I yelled.

"Haha take a shower." Jackie yelled from behind the door. Oh whatever. 
"What do you want me to wear?" I asked.

"Clothes," she said sarcastically and closed the door. Pouty face and a sob. She opened the door and stuck her head out.

"Wear the glasses with the clothes on the bed." She said as I laughed. She shut the door and I heard the water run. I slipped on the clothes and the glasses she said along with some white nikes. I think it was nice that mom let me stay with Jackie. I don't want her to be alone. I walked downstairs and to the kitchen. What can I make? Omelets! 

Marcel POV
I've loved Angelica all my life. Look at her. Now the only girl is Jackie. I don't think she's into me though. She probably loves Zayn. Why can't I get a girl? I'm so stupid. I don't want to die but at the same time I don't want to live. I started crying on the bathroom floor.

"Marcel are you in there," I could hear Harry call. I didn't answer but he heard my sobs.

"I'm coming in," he said and unlocked the door. He knelt down next to me.

"Marcel you weren't considering this, were you?" He said stunned as he held a blade in his hand. I just kept crying.

"It won't solve a damn thing Marcel!" He said raising his voice. I kept crying still.

"Marcel come on," he said and pulled me up.

"Why are you so sad?" He asked.

"Because I will never get the girl."

"Ok let's see. Mess up your hair." He stated as he made my hair sloppy.

"Second take off the vest." He ordered. I took it off and looked at him. "

Untuck your shirt." He added and I did.

"Now look in the mirror." He demanded. I looked and saw myself completely different.

"Now lets fix your voice-"

Niall POV
"Hey Harry." I said and he laughed.

"What's funny?" I asked confused.

"I'm Marcel." He said but I didn't believe it.

"Prove it." I said. What is he saying? Equilwhaterium?!

"Ok you're Marcel." I sighed and shut my locker.

"So why the big change?" I asked.

"Because I want to get the girl." He said smiling as he opened his locker.

"Hey Harry," a girl called thinking it was him.

"I'm Marcel." He stated.

"Yeah and I'm the Queen." She laughed and walked away.

Marcel POV
"Hey Marce-" Jackie cut herself off looking at me.

"What happened to you?" She asked surprised as she scanned me. "

I had a make over." I smiled as she looked at me impressed.

"Well you were still great before." She added as she poke my dimples.

"What was I going to ask? Oh Marcel do happen to have anytime next week. I really need help in math." She stated. I smiled and responded saying, "Why not?" We hugged and smiled at each other as we walked to class. Oh yes! I might be getting what I want! Hahaha look at her! Curvy & curly. Haha. I like her personality so far too. She never stops making me laugh.

"Hey Marcel," Ashley said with a wink and sat down next to Edward.

"Hey Marcel," Angelica said after her and asked me out.

"Sorry, I'm busy." I lied.

"But-" I cut her off.

"Bye Ange!" I said with a wave as she angrily stomped away.

"Nice work bro." Harry said as he patted my back. I smiled and started l to listen to class.

Harry POV
I'll help him get the girl. Who ever he wants I'll help. I'm glad he said no to Angelica though. She hits on everyone. And sleeps with them too. I looked around and found someone staring at me. I started to stare back and she blushed. I smirked and leaned back. Look over at her from time to time. 


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