Styles Triplets

There's three of them? SHIT!


4. Chapter 4

Harry POV
There he is. Marcel. "Hey brother." He said with a wave.

"Do you want to sit with me?" I asked.

"No thank you Harold." He replied smiling.

"Awe. Okay I'll just go sit with Zayn, and Jackie then." I said trying to trick him.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt anybody" he said with a snort and stood up.

"Alright come on" I ordered and we walked over to them. "Hey guys," I said as I sat down. Marcel did the same.

"So Liam you want me to help?" Jackie asked looking at him.

"Well yeah. You're a girl and you're probably the only one that won't drive a guy crazy." He replied.

"Total cray-cray." She laughed.

"What are we talking about?" Louis asked as he sat on my left.

"Not sure." I replied eating a grape. Liam quickly glanced at us and then back at her.

"What do you say?" He asked.

"Alright. As long as Zayn can hang around." She replied.

"You mean from the ceiling fan?" Zayn joked about himself. We laughed more out of pity and started eating. 

Jackie POV
My food taste like cardboard. What the fuck is this?! I must've made a weird face or something because next thing I know Zayn is laughing at me with the others.

"I'll buy you a chocolate if you don't like it." He added.

"From who's money" I asked knowing he was still broke. He laughed and I just made an "umhm" sound.

"I'll buy you one." Marcel said all of the sudden.

"No Marcel you don't have to." I said with a smile.

"No it's alright Marcel just wants to be a gentleman," is Harry trying to help?

"No I'm fine." I said still rejecting the offer.

"Why not?" Edward butted in.

"Because it's his money." I replied.

"It's my money that I want to spend on you." Marcel kept going at it.

"No Marcel. Please." I kept refusing.

"Come on he's just being a gentleman," Niall finally spoke.

"Oh for a moment I thought you couldn't talk." Lou commented. We laughed and that was good because it started to change the conversation.

"So Niall what class do you have next?" Liam asked.

"Gym" he responded.

"Oh great you're with all of us." I blurted. He smiled and I thought for a moment.

"Hey do you want to leave your books in my locker so you won't have to carry them around?" I asked.

"Uh. Sure. Thank you," he replied.

"You gonna eat that?" He asked pointing to a cookie on my plate. I want it. Damn. I grabbed it and broke it in half.

"Here," I said as I handed him one half.

"Uh she wants the leprechaun." Lou teased.

"Shut up Lou" I said laughing and turned to Niall. He's turning red. The fuck?! 

Niall POV
He had to say that! Now I'm just turning red. She just stared at me until I pulled my jacket up to my face.

"Aww" Liam laughed. She pinched my cheek and smiled then turned back.

"Oh turned down" Zayn laughed.

"Zayn I didn't turn him down. Remember what I said earlier." I fused.

"Alrighty then" he said and rolled his eyes. Whoa I'm so proud I'm finally rubbing off on him. Hahaha.

Louis POV
Ha. I discovered something new. Three guys like her. Mwahahahaha. Oh grod I'm great. I'm bored now. What to do? Tell my mom I have detention or lie and say I'm helping with the prom setup. Prom setup it is.

"Mom I'm helping with Prom setup. Going to be home late. xx" I sent her the message and got a, "ok." I put my phone back in my pocket and ate a strawberry.

"So do you guys want to come over on this weekend? I'm going to be the only one home." Jackie asked.

"Yes." From Zayn.

"Alright." From Harry and Edward.

"Yea" from Niall. A nod from Liam and I just jumped on her and said, "will it be fun?" She started laughing and so did the others. 

~gym class~
Zayn POV
Ha she's not going to last. We're running the track all block. Mwahahaha.

"Come on shorty." I teased her.

"Well shorty don't wanna run." She smiled.

"I'll carry you," I laughed.

"No don't." She refused.

"Why not?" I asked her and immediately put her over my shoulder.

"Zayn put me down," she laughed. I didn't let her go.

"Hey Jackie. Nice work taking it easy." Niall laughed.

"You're just jelly." She said playfully and I start spinning around to make her dizzy.

"Zayn stop." She said woozy.

"Love birds," Louis said teasing us.

"Another jelly bean," Jackie answered for us.

"Hey guys," Harry said with his brothers close.

"We have jelly beans here," I replied as if I was Jackie. 

Liam POV
I joined them. "Marcel are you alright?" She asked.

"I'm fine." He said. You could tell he wasn't.

"Marcel your inhaler." Harry said handing him it. He used it and gave it back to Harry. Wait if it's Marcel's why does Harry have it? Weird shit.

"Zayn I'm going to fall asleep if you don't put me down." She said sleepily.

"You sure?" He asked.

"I'm sure." She replied and he playfully threw her to the floor.

"Oww" she said like a little kid and a pouty face.

"Come on princess." Niall said and helped her up while still laughing. Uh why did he call her princess? You don't say that to just anyone. Ohh. 


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