Styles Triplets

There's three of them? SHIT!


2. Chapter 2

Harry POV
We got to class where our teacher gave us all nick names. Marcel is cupcake. 'Mental face palm' oh gosh. I'm Curly 'eye roll' and Ed is Idiot 'yea he is.' Marcel sits in the front usually but he sat with us in the back today. Zayn walked in with his arm over Jackie's shoulder. Marcel must've gotten the wrong impression. They're best friends that's it. I looked over at him. His face was on his textbook. I rubbed his back and whispered, "Relax they're just best friends." Jackie and Zayn sat near us.

"Marcel you alright?" She asked. He had already turned red so he kept his face on his book. "Marcel?" She called his name.

"Jackie shut up before you get in trouble." Zayn warned her. She sighed and turned around. 

Niall POV
This is not what I wanted. Now I'm in the UK I miss Ireland already. I have to start at a new school and everything. I looked at the room number and at my schedule. Yeah this is it. I sighed and knocked on the door.

The door swung open and there stood a man with gray hair and a suit. "Hey I'm a new student." I said. "

You must be Mr.Horan." He said and I nodded. "Their is a seat in the back next to Rainbow." He said and turned around.

"Rainbow raise your hand," the teacher called. A girl raised her arm and rolled her eyes playfully. I smiled and walked to the back and sat down next to her.

"Hi I'm Niall." I said with a wave and Smile.

"I'm Jackie and I'm guessing you're irish." She said.

"How did you know?" I asked.

"Well the Ireland bracelet and the accent." She replied.

"Mr.Horan and Rainbow no talking during the lesson." The teacher snapped. She leaned back and looked at the guy on her right. She grabbed a sheet of paper and started writing something. She handed me the paper. 'Srry I got u in truble :/'
'Its fine'
'U sure?' 
'Its fine rlly.' 
That was the last thing I wrote. I started listening to what he was saying. "Pop Quiz now" he said passing the quiz out.

"Already?" Some guy said from behind me.

"Yes!" Another one said in excitement. I don't get it what's so cool about having a pop quiz?

"Marcel calm down." One more person said.

"Shut up Styles" the guy sitting next to Jackie said.

"So who's Styles?" I asked. "

They're triplets. They're all Styles. This is Harry, Marcel, and Edward." She introduced me to them.

"And this is Zayn" she said pointing to the guy next to her. She also poke his stomach and he pinched her cheeks.

"Are you two a couple?" I asked as they shook their heads and smiled while responding at the same time.

"We're just best friends."
Jackie POV
"Man this test is hard as balls!" Ed said frustrated which just made me laugh. I wasn't the only one Zayn, Niall, and Harry did too. I have a song stuck in my head. Sorry that was random just wanted to get that out there. I have Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars in my head. It's weird I haven't heard it a month but it's just glued to my brain. Sigh. Oh PSY. Hahaha. It's fun being random.

I don't know why Ed was complaining this is pretty easy. Zayn handed me a pink eraser it said 'wat's #7' I started acting like I was erasing something and then wrote 'b' on it. I handed it back and looked at my quiz again. Twenty questions halfway there. I finished before anyone else so I just sat there waiting for someone else to get up.

Niall was having a big problem with the quiz. I grabbed the eraser and started writing down half of my answers. It's cheating but he doesn't know this shit so yeah. It's almost fair. I handed him the eraser when Mr. Schmidt wasn't looking. Niall looked at me and smiled I did the same and stood up after Marcel. I handed over my quiz and sat back down.

Edward POV
How does Marcel always know all the answers?! And then the same goes to Jackie. I started picking random answers. B c a b d a a c b c c d c c a b b b b a. There I stood up and handed over my quiz and sat back down. Harry got up a couple minutes later. How does everyone else but me know this shit? Everyone started handing in their paper before the bell rang. Oh there it is. 

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