Styles Triplets

There's three of them? SHIT!


10. Chapter 10

Jackie POV
"Are you alright?" Marcel asked as I looked up from the book and to him.

"Oh yeah. I'm alright." I replied as I stared back at the book.

"No you're not." he said as he came closer and looked at my face. What is there something on my face?

"You didn't have to help me." he frowned.

"Then what would had happened. I don't want you to get hurt." I said without thinking.

"But I don't want you to get hurt because of me." he answered back.

"Let's just get back to work" I ordered.

"Alright." he sighed and sat back down.

I still want to know what happened to mom and dad. Why did this have to happen? Of course I had my problems with them but I didn't hate them. I MISS THEM. WHY THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN? WHY THE FUCK DID IT HAVE TO HAPPEN? WHY CAN'T EVERYTHING BE LIKE BEFORE WITHOUT ALL THIS FUCKING DRAMA!?! AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH. WHAT DID I DO?

"Jackie." Marcel called my name. "Why don't we take a break?" he suggested. "Did I just throw the book at the wall?" I asked still knowing the answered. "Umhm." he said with his cute nerdyness. I smiled as he got up and walked to the bathroom. I watched him as he walked in and shut the door. Getting up I walked over to the wall and picked up my textbook. Umm there is a dent in it but it's not the textbook. I'll move a picture frame there later. I sighed and walked upstairs to Emma and apologized. I really shouldn't had acted like that before. In the end sisters are sisters and we forgave and forgot.

"Emma I'm going to have to tall to you later Marcel is waiting for me downstairs." I said and kissed the top of her head then ran downstairs to a snooping Marcel. Did he figure out my password? I sighed and let him snoop. I then went back up the stairs and started making my footsteps heavier. He got spooked and locked my phone and put it back on the table. Alright then. "So, why don't we get back to studying?"

Zayn POV

I want her right next to me. I wish I could just cuddle up with her instead of being here alone. Damnit. I threw my remote at the wall and didn't care a bit. Fuck it anyways. She should be with me. Happy like always. I mean the guy should care for the girl not the other way around. It's like she's babysitting Marcel. He can't protect himself, how can he protect her?

I don't hate him, I just can't stand that I won't be with the girl I love. I wish this was easier than it seems. I need a smoke. Can't take it. It's my stress reliever just like her's is listening to people sing. She makes me sing to her and this is all just crashing around in my head. Damn it! I punched the wall, grabbed my cigarettes and lighter and left the building.

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