Styles Triplets

There's three of them? SHIT!


1. Chapter 1

Jackie POV
I started making funny faces in the mirror and laughed. Hahaha. I'm so uglyful. I took off my glasses and clothes and stepped into the shower. Water water water. :) 
I stepped out a dried off. Sigh what to wear. I have a problem deciding what to wear. I put on my underwear and bra and then a white undershirt. I pulled out some purple jeans and a white shirt. I changed the white shirt for a black one. Then I changed my pants and put on some ripped jeans and then I put on my black and white panda shirt. Why am I so complicated? Hahaha. I parted my hair making the left larger then the right, and put on some hair mousse. Yay! Now for some white Adidas. :P I stuck out my tongue as I twirled around. I'm chubby hahaha. :P

Marcel POV
"Marcel can you try dressing like you're from this time period?" Edward said.

"Shut up Ed. Let him dress how he wants" Harry scold at Ed.

"I wish you boys weren't so different." Mum said standing in front of the door.

"Imagine how boring it would be if we were the same." Harry smiled as she gave us each a kiss.

"For once I wouldn't have to take you shopping to completely different stores." She paused,"breakfast is ready." I ran down the stairs right behind my brothers.

"Here you go" she said as she handed us plates of french toast. School starts today again and I'm excited for our next pop quiz. :] I've studied over break.

"Thank you mummy" I said as we kept eating. I finished eating after Harry. I grabbed my backpack and gave mum one last kiss. Like my brothers and we started walking to school.

"Dork," someone said as he made me fall.

"Don't you ever do that to my brother ever again!" Harry barked. Ed helped me up as the guy walked away.

"You alright Marcel?" A girl asked me.

"Yeah I'm fine thank you." I said and accidentally added a snort at the end.

"Hey Jackie," Harry said as he waved at her.

"So let's walk to school." She said as she walked backwards. "How was ya'lls break?" She asked.

"Ya'lls?" Ed questioned laughing.

"I was raised around the ghetto southern. Don't judge me." She was quick to respond.

"Anyways our break was nice we lit up a couple fireworks and played some video games." Harry replied. 

Zayn POV
"Jackie!" I called her name and she turned around almost falling.

"You alright?" I asked helping her up.

"Yea. I'm alright." she smiled and picked up her backpack.

"Hey Styles'" I said referring to all of them.

"Hey Zayn" they all said in unison. Harry's slow voice. Edward's carefree regular voice. Marcel's nerdy voice too. We crossed the street and got to school. I got to my locker which was one away from Jackie's and the Styles somehow have a their lockers on my right all in a row. I sighed and grabbed my history book and notebook, then closed my locker and leaned on it while looking at Jackie.

"Still need a pencil?" She asked glancing at me. I let out a small laugh. She handed me a lead pencil and I waited for her to finish so we could go.  


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