Unexpected Twists

Gabby must make a hard decision. Is her background to much for the Harry to handle? Did her best friend fall head over heals with Harry's best mate? How much longer until Gabby breaks? Find out all this and more in Unexpected Twists.


1. Sweet Freedom.

"Oh wow!" I said as I stood on the deck facing the ocean of our new house. "Mariah come look at this view!" I yelled to my best friend. She came running out of the house on to the deck. 

"Wow!! It's beautiful" she said as she finished braiding her hair. 

"We'll we should finish unpacking so we can go down to the beach." I said walking inside. 

Mariah followed behind me. We finished unpacking and took a look around. 

"Amazing!" Mariah and I said at the same time. Sometimes it was like we could read each others minds. We sat down on the beautiful furniture that her dad had bought us. We needed to get out of our old town in Indiana. We have been saving money since we were 9. We finally saved enough and got some help from our parents. Now we are her in LA. Just me and my best friend. We are both 19. 

"So do you wanna go down to the beach?" I asked her. 

"Sure lets go get ready!" She said jumping of the couch. 

I put on my light pink bikini with white lining and put my hair into a messy bun. Mariah had on a light blue bikini and her hair in a braid down her back. We got some towels and some other things and put them in a beach bag. We walked on to the beach and found a good spot we laid our towels down so we could tan. After about 10min. Someone fell down in the sand right next to me. Me and Mariah looked up to see a boy about our age laying in the sand. He looked up and his face was beet red, he had curly hair and beautiful green eyes. 

"So sorry" he's said in the cutes British accent. 

"Oh my God are you ok?" I asked! 

"I'm fine, I'm Harry, Harry Styles." 

Oh my God how did I not notice he was from One Direction! 

"I- I'm Gabby, Gabby Smith. And this is Mariah Johnson." I said feeling really dumb. 

He smiled and I almost died! His dimples were amazing! We smiled back.

" HAZZA" we heard a voice yell from the water. 





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