Raindrops and Sunshine

You never love the sun until it is darkened by rain.


1. The Rain is Gone

Imagine, you're sitting inside your room, right next to your window. It's raining. It's dark and thunder rumbles so loudly you can feel the Earth shake slightly beneath you.

It's been raining for weeks now, and no one's gone anywhere for anything. It's cold and wet, and you can't wait until the rain is over and you can relish in the warmth of the mid-July sun you've rarely seen this year.

But, every night you lay awake in your bed, listening to the soft pitter-patter of the rain on your roof, and think to yourself, 'Will we ever see the sun?'

Days and nights pass, and you become anxious. The world is dark, and no one can seem to find the sun. It seems to have left, and with it, all hope of happiness and light.

Then, on the morning of the 27th, you wake. You do not hear the light tapping of rain on your roof, nor your window. The only sounds you hear are the trees, gently swaying in the early morning's breeze, and the sound of birds chirping playfully. You become confused, as if you did not know there was anything other than rain to make noise.

You jump out of bed, hope rising in your chest as you rip open the curtains that covered your window. Immediately, you are showered in warm sunlight. Anxious for the sun, you run outside in your pajamas.

Dry. The world is wonderfully dry and you relish in the feeling of your bare feet touching the warm, soft, grass. You smile and close your eyes, feeling content in the warmth of the sun's rays.

And suddenly, with the return of the bright, yellow star, comes the happiness and light.




"The hope is always there, but the darkness conceals it in plain sight."
-Unknown Poet


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