Faith's Return

After the tragic "accident" Faith is back, and who will she take with her this time? Some chapters do contain semi-graphic/graphic details, and some may be very detailed.


12. Chapter Twelve- From Fun To Surprise

Weeks went by, and David was as happy as could be. Everyday, sometimes multiple times a day the nurse pulled him out of his cell for a "check up." Now everything was great for David. As all this went down, Faith just stayed in the background, disgusted. Then one day she reappeared in one of the other inmate's cell.

"I don't get it!" She said as she appeared. The inmate jumped.

"What's wrong darling?" He smiled at her, he began to like her, but it would never be.

"David. His life is suppose to be ruined, and what happens? He gets fucked by a hot nurse every single day!"

"Nurse?" He asked with a smile on his face.

"Yeah. What's funny?"

"That nurse is not what she seems. She has done almost every inmate. Once they fuck her, basically they're going to die."

"Die? How come?"

He laughed, "she's hot, but she has every STD there is. So the more he has 'fun' the quicker he's going to die."

Faith smiled, "well I defiantly won't tell him. Let him find out. Thanks." Now she was gone.

Now, Faith didn't feel so bad. He was planning his own death. She appeared in David's room now. He had just gotten into his cell, and he was smiling. Faith smiled too, because he had no idea about his surprise that he's going to find out. David kind of ignored her at first, then he decided that it if he talked to her, she would go away quicker.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothing." Faith answered.

"You're here, you want something."

"Nope. Just checking in on the one I love," she laughed!

"Shut up."

"Sorry, but if I do that, you will get what you want. No worries. I know what you have been doing. But, soon you are going to have a nice surprise. She isn't what you think."

"Your just jealous."
"Jealous? Ha! Far from it. You only wish I was!"

He quit talking to her. When suddenly Faith noticed he was off balance. What the hell was he doing? Faking a injury to 'see' the nurse? Then it became clear to Faith, David was not faking this. He fell to the ground, he looked as if he had passed out. But, he didn't. He got back up, and went to the toilet and puked up blood. Faith knew his organs were failing from the STD's. Should she tell him? No. But that's not right. Even though she hated him, she had to tell him.

"David!" She yelled.

"What?" He barely acknowledge her.

"That nurse you have been 'seeing' has STD's. A lot of them. I talked to one of the inmates. Basically, you will end up dying from this."

David looked at Faith. For once, she saw sorrow in his eyes. He knew everything he had done was wrong. Was he changing cause he was dying? Or is he just trying to get away from Faith?

"Faith," David called.

"I'm sorry for everything I did. I shouldn't of done it. But...."

He fell to the ground, this time he really was passed out. Actually, he was unconscious. Faith knelt down next to him, then disappeared.

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