Faith's Return

After the tragic "accident" Faith is back, and who will she take with her this time? Some chapters do contain semi-graphic/graphic details, and some may be very detailed.


3. Chapter Three- Caught

The next day, Faith was shocked, she had woken up. She got out of bed and went down stairs. No one was there except Chad. Where was Up Tight David? With his alarm, and security system. How could he just up and leave? 

"Good morning beautiful," Chad smiled.

"Hey." Faith said. Beautiful? No way, she thought. My hair looked like a tornado hit it. 

"Here's some breakfast," he handed her a plate with two fried eggs, with two pieces of bacon, and a piece of toast.

"Thanks," Faith smiled. 

Faith sat there and ate her breakfast. Her and Chad sat eating breakfast, talking, and laughing. They laughed until David came into the kitchen. Where had he been? He didn't say anything, just looked at Faith, then Chad, then Faith again. After that he just shook his head. He didn't say anything, but Faith could sense something negative about him now. 

She looked down, and noticed something on David's hands. Something red, blood. Faith nearly choked on her food. What the hell? She thought. Who is it this time? When will it be me? Her entire body froze, her heart stopped, and her mind raced. David walked by her, gripping her shoulder hard as he went by. It hurt her, but she didn't make a noise. After he left, she checked her shoulder, there sat a hand mark. Chad looked at her. 

"At 3 o'clock David takes his daily walk. He is normally out of the house for two hours. When he leaves i'll come take care of you."

Faith smiled.

Chad picked up her plate, and washed the dishes. Faith went to her room. She turned on her t.v. and flipped through the channels. With every channel turn, she eye balled the doorway. Would he attack her? Would he attack during the day? She felt on edge. What had she done? Being abused didn't seem as bad as this fear. 

When the clock hit 3 o'clock, David left the house, and Chad came into her room. He had some icy-hot lotion for her shoulder. Chad rubbed the icy-hot on her shoulder and gave her a massage. It made her shoulder feel good. But, at 3:30 their time together was cut short. David busted through Faith's bedroom door, grabbed her by the arm, and roughly dragged her into his room. As David's bedroom door shut, Faith let out a scream of pain. 

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