Faith's Return

After the tragic "accident" Faith is back, and who will she take with her this time? Some chapters do contain semi-graphic/graphic details, and some may be very detailed.


10. Chapter Ten- Say Goodbye To Freedom

After about two weeks of torture, David was sick and tired of Faith. Should he kill himself? Turn himself in? Either way he was going to end up in a bad situation. David undecorated his car, and headed down to the police station. He walked into the station, and asked for the chief.

"What is it you want David?" Yes, the chief knew him.

"I want to turn myself in."

"For what?"


"Murder? Of who?"
"A run away named Faith, and many other."

The chief put him in cuffs, and hauled him off to the maximum security prison. He was placed in a cell by himself. The prison had two floors, between 20-30 cells on each floor. Some cells held two or three prisoners. Of course, everyone was interested in the new member, inmate number: 23694, David.

Many days went by, no Faith. David felt relieved. He wasn't being haunted, and he hadn't gotten on anyone's bad side. One day he bought a carton of cigarettes from one of the inmates, with the risk of being caught. If he was caught, he couldn't reveal the inmates name, or he would kill him. He didn't know the rules at the prison yet, or how anything worked. As, he just put out a cigarette he smoked, guards came by.

"Alright inmate 23694, random cell search." The guard said.

Shit! David thought.

The guards did a full body search, they found nothing. Then they searched the cell. David was in trouble once they found: a carton of cigarettes, alcohol, and a weapon under his mattress. He wasn't hauled away, but they did confiscate the things found, and he lost his free hour.

At lunch, he sat by himself. No one wanted to be involved with him since he was caught. When everyone went to free hour, he was escorted to his cell. Once the guards left, he turned around, and Faith was laying on his bed.

"Well, this is a very uncomfortable bed," she smiled.

"You're still here?" He asked!

"You thought turning yourself in would make me go away?"

"Well yeah."

"Ha," she laughed, "It's not that simple. You see, before you killed Chad, we had a talk. There are two things I'm here for. One: My body. Which, you burnt into dust. Two: Revenge. Which I am not done with yet. So you see, I'm not going anywhere."

David sighed, "find something better to do, my life's already over."

"Oh, babe, It's far from it!"

David lay on his bed now that Faith was standing in the corner. The buzz of the cells went off, free hour was over. Now Faith had disappeared. But she wasn't gone, she reappeared into the cell across from David, and smiled at him.

"Hi," she smiled at the inmate.

"How did you get in here?" He asked.

"Oh, I'm dead. I'm a ghost."

"A ghost?"
"Yeah, so you see. I'm here to tell you what happened to me."

"Oh, okay, I'll listen."

She sat on the edge of the bed, "you see him over there," she pointed at David.

The guy nodded. "Well he is my murderer. He killed me violently. He tied me down, raped me, and stabbed me to death, slowly. Then burned my body into dust."

"Sounds like he needs a lesson," the inmate smiled.

"Thanks," Faith said blowing a kiss at the inmate and disappearing.

Faith went from cell to cell, tell the inmates what happened to her. Now, they all hated David. They all wanted to kill him or hurt him. They all knew the truth. How messed up in the head he really was. What the inmates didn't know was that when she entered the cells she took something valuable to them. She then placed it by the bars of David's cell. They began to realize and became very pissed off. She snuck up into the security room and made the guards go to sleep. Well, more like pass out. It was something she learned to do. Once the guards were out, she messed with the system.

The power went out, the cells opened, and they all went towards David's cell. He had no idea what was coming, or what Faith had done.

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