Faith's Return

After the tragic "accident" Faith is back, and who will she take with her this time? Some chapters do contain semi-graphic/graphic details, and some may be very detailed.


17. Chapter Seventeen- Faith's Disappearance

As she stood in the background, Faith watched over David's funeral. His family and friends were there. Everyone was crying. Obviously no one knew the things he really did. Faith did feel sorry for them though. She wished she could comfort some of the people, but there was absolutely nothing she could do. David was buried in a nice pair of jeans, and a button up t-shirt. His coffin was a expensive one, it was a oak color, with gold design running along the edge, and the material was red silk. Spoiled, definitely a spoiled child. Faith found his mother and father easy, he looked a lot like both of them, but more like his mother. 

People did their speeches, and then they placed the coffin in the ground, and everyone went their separate ways. Faith had never seen so many people in black clothing. She just stayed there as everyone continued to leave. When everyone was gone, she went over to his grave. 

"You deserve this," Faith whispered. "More than you know. But, you didn't deserve to die this way." 

She disappeared after saying that. It was the truth though, she didn't feel like he deserved to die. Now, she decided, it was time to go see her parents. 

"Hello," she said as she appeared in the kitchen. 

"Where have you been?" Her parents said.

"Another runaway scene hu? Nice attention getter," her adopted 'father' said. 

"I did run away, why? Because you guys treated me like crap, you never cared about me. I don't know why you adopted a child. All you ever did was abuse me!" She yelled. 

"Don't raise your voice," her adopted 'mother' said. 

"You can't tell me what to do anymore!"

"Yes I can! You live under our roof."

Really? You don't see anything different about me?"

"No," her parents responded.

"Wow, you guys don't care. You don't even notice shit around you! Damn, I'm fucking dead!"

"Very funny," they said together. 

"Don't believe me?" 

"No, we don't." 

"Try to touch me."

They did so, they both tried to touch her; about five times each. Each time they got the same outcome: went right through her. She laughed a little, she was glad she could finally get that off her chest. Now, she felt a lot better. After a while she told them she didn't appreciate how they had treated her over the years; and it was their fault she ran away and ended up killed. After saying everything she felt better. Now she knew it wasn't her body she was looking for. She just needed to tell her parents how she felt. 

Now, with David dead, and everything off her chest everything was finally normal. After all of this time, now she was gone. Faith vanished into thin air; now she disappeared, for good. 


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