Faith's Return

After the tragic "accident" Faith is back, and who will she take with her this time? Some chapters do contain semi-graphic/graphic details, and some may be very detailed.


9. Chapter Nine- Torment, Having Fun

When he woke up, he was in the hospital. They had believed he was in a coma, but only for a few days. The nurse came in and said he was fine, and ready to go home. He walked outside to see his car on a tow truck, totaled. Now what? He thought. A new car! He walked to the closest car dealership, and bought himself a brand new car. 

He drove home, and went upstairs, the other guys weren't home. As he walked into his room, his jaw dropped. Everything was covered in aluminum foil, the walls were covered in pictures of Faith (before she died). This pissed him off. As he grew furious, Faith appeared behind him. 

She was laughing. He turned around, and swung at her. His fists went right through her, and she laughed again. 

"My fun has just begun." She laughed and disappeared. 

David was forced to clean up all the aluminum foil out of his room. After he was done, he felt like going for a drive, getting away from the house. 

He walked outside to see that Faith had struck on his car. He was furious now. She had: covered it in pink sticky notes and wrote "You Will Pay" on them, she had busted out the side windows, and she stuffed the inside with paper. How the heck had she been able to pick up a object? 

Faith showed up behind him. "You have two options," she smiled.

"What the fuck are you doing to me?"

"Torturing you, just as you did me, only mine will last longer." She moved in front of him. 

"What are the options?"

"One: turn yourself in. Two: you will end up killing yourself because you go insane from me haunting and torturing you." She stopped, "your choice."

She winked at him, blew him a kiss (sarcastically) and disappeared. 

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