Faith's Return

After the tragic "accident" Faith is back, and who will she take with her this time? Some chapters do contain semi-graphic/graphic details, and some may be very detailed.


5. Chapter Five- Nightmare And Return

Faith lay, tied to the bed, naked, bleeding to death. Tears ran down her cheek, but she couldn't make a noise. Her body was losing function. David had stabbed her in the heart, but unfortunately, it didn't kill her. She lay on the bed, slowly bleeding to death. Her body aching, her heart beat beginning to decrease quickly. It became hard for her to breath.  David came back into the room, he had Chad with him. Chad looked at Faith, she could see the hurt in his eyes. He held her hand, and sight of his face was the very last thing she saw, before her world went black. 

David untied Faith's dead body, Chad standing next to him. Neither one of them said anything. He walked over to his closet and pulled out a body bag. David placed Faith's body into the bag. 

"I always get rid of the bodies in different ways," he smiled at Chad.

Chad stayed silent. 

"With her. Well, I will set fire to her body." Once again he smiled. 

These words struck Chad hard. He wanted to kill David right now, but he couldn't try. David would be expecting him to do that. Which, would only lead to his own death. Why had he stayed with this guy? He was nothing but screwed up in the fucking head. He carried Faith's body out to the back yard, where a pile of wood lay. Chad followed, why? David made him. Faith's body was taken out of the body bag, laid on the pile of wood, and set to fire. Chad had to watch as every inch of flesh and bone was burned into dust. After that David put out the fire, and went back inside. Chad went up to his room. He laid on his bed, and closed his eyes. As he began to fall asleep, visions of Faith dying right in front of him kept popping up. 

"You," she yelled, "you could have saved me! But you didn't! You let me die, this is YOUR fault."

He jumped and jolted awake. It was just a nightmare. Was it really his fault? There was nothing he could do. Would she really blame him? Chad laid back down and closed his eyes again. This time he wasn't waken up by a bad dream. When he finally fell asleep, he was awakened by a light and a noise. When he opened his eyes, something stood in front of him. He gasped, was this really happening? Right in front of his eyes, stood something shocking,


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