Faith's Return

After the tragic "accident" Faith is back, and who will she take with her this time? Some chapters do contain semi-graphic/graphic details, and some may be very detailed.


11. Chapter Eleven- Attacked

David felt fear like he never has before, he had been framed by Faith and was now he is going to pay for it. Faith had stolen from the inmates, and who got blamed? David. Faith appeared in the corner where no one could see her. The inmates swarmed around David, and they were pissed off.

One inmate grabbed David from behind, he held him to where he couldn't move. As they held him still, another inmate punched him in the face. He heard a crack, his nose breaking. Another inmate swung at him, and punched him in the stomach. This knocked him out of breath, and made him go to the ground. One more inmate hit him, this time he was hit in the head. Once again, his world went to darkness.

When he woke up, he was on a hospital bed, but he was also strapped down. No one was around him, but he could hear the beeping of the heart monitor he was hooked up to. He tried to sit up, but the straps caused him to fall right back down. He sighed, he really had to be tied down? Why? Yes, he was a prisoner, but he wasn't a threat. Well, actually he was. Shit, he thought. He was a fucking threat. Of course he was, he murdered people. Raped and killed woman, then shot his friend Chad. Now he was being haunted by one of his victims.

A nurse walked into the room, she was hot. Blonde hair, blue eyes, big breast. He felt his penis begin to harden inside of his pants. "Not now," he whispered at it. She turned around to grab something, and bent down. Her short nurse uniform went up in the back, revealing her thong. Now he needed to touch himself. He was so horny, he wanted her to be the one tied down on the bed. "Here we go," she turned around holding a long needle. "What the fuck is that for!" He yelled. "The pain," she smiled. "You have a concussion, broken ribs, and a broken nose."

"I don't want no damn shot! Can't I get pills instead?" He asked. "Sorry," she smiled, "we don't give pills to inmates." "Wait, I'm still in the prison?" "Of course," she said, as she shoved the needle into his arm. He scream, the nurse smiled. "Sounds like this is the other way around. Your used to hearing the girls scream." What the hell? She knew what he had done? "And I want you to be the one right here." The nurse smiled at his comment. 

Wait, he had seen that smile before. Was she attracted to him? "You are good looking, and I do like bad boys," she smiled. Okay, question answered. She had closed the door, locked it, and shut all of the blinds. Now, she was removing his pants. He was totally ready. She wrapped her mouth around him, and he enjoyed it. After that, she began to take off her uniform. She was standing in nothing but her bra, which her breasts were to big for, and her thong. Wow. This nurse was very attractive. And her body was very fine. 

She got on top of him, and sat on his legs. His penis revealed right in front of her. It was erected, and well he was pretty big. This made her wet. She began to just rub him softly, which made him more turned on. She unstrapped her bra, and massaged her breasts. She let out a moan. Then she began to rub her nipple, David was so horny he could barely sit still. Finally she got on top of him. She slowly inserted his hard cock into her tight, wet, pussy. Now she was the one moaning in pleasure. 

The nurse began to ride on his cock, god it felt great. She went until she couldn't take anymore. David was a threat, but she was way to horny to give a shit. Finally, she untied him and told him to tie her down. He did as he was told, he tied her down and fucked the hell out of her. As he was inserting himself inside of her, he leaned over and softly licked her nipple. Then he sucked it. Her breasts were amazing. So was her pussy. He stopped and went down and ate her. She kept moaning. 

Finally, he began to fuck her again. This time, he put his penis inside her and fucked her hard. After that, he stopped and untied her. She got on her knees and put his penis inside her mouth. Once again he was horny, so he made her get up, and bent her over. One last time he fucked the hell out of her. Massaging her breasts as he did, she was so horny. After he was done, they both got dressed. Doing the right thing, he lay back on the table. He grabbed, and massaged her ass one last time before she had re-strapped him to the bed. 

He was very happy. Now he had a girl to fuck whenever he wanted. Even though something bad had happened, something good came out of it. Now, he had a sexy woman to who he could just use. He was going to have to get hurt more. David looked over in the corner and sighed. Of course.

Faith had been there the whole time. 

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