Faith's Return

After the tragic "accident" Faith is back, and who will she take with her this time? Some chapters do contain semi-graphic/graphic details, and some may be very detailed.


8. Chapter Eight- Torment, Accident

David decided that taking a car ride should clear his mind, and possibly get rid of Faith. He was driving down the road and didn't know that Faith was relaxing in the backseat of his car. A man was hitch hiking, and he picked him up. Would he rape him too? Faith laughed softly. 

The guy sat in the passenger's seat, as David drove the guy to where he was going. Once they got to the gas station, he dropped the guy off and left. David drove down the road unaware that Faith was in the backseat. 

"What he wasn't your type?" She smiled as she appeared in the passengers seat. David jumped.

"Oh babe, no need to jump," she laughed and grabbed his leg. 

Faith disappeared again. David looked in the backseat, to check, she was really gone. He sighed in relief. Maybe she was done with these games. He began driving in the wooded area. Before he knew it, he couldn't see. BAM! His car hit an object, and his head hit the steering wheel, then the airbag deployed. When he sat up he realized he had on a blindfold. Faith. He took the blindfold off and saw he had hit a tree. He looked up, Faith was sitting on the hood of the car smiling. Before he knew it, Faith was next to him. 

"It's not close to over yet, it will only get worse," she smiled then disappeared.

David began to see spots of black, then his entire world blacked out.

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