Never Forget

Elisa Daniels has had a rough past she was an orphan from birth and was bullied at school by 3 guys, and those three boys are now in the worlds biggest boy band. Non other than Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik. She is now one of the top agents at the C.I.A her next mission brings her to them. Will they remember her and will she forgive them.


4. shopping


After unpacking it was around 6, so I went downstairs to see if they wanted dinner. " hey boys" I said they were on the couch watching a football game( soccer in America). " hey whats up" Niall asked. " well I was wondering if you wanted me to cook dinner" YOU COOK" Niall yelled" yeah" I LOVE FOOD" i know" he turned his head to the side confused they came to realization" well how about some fettuccine" they nodded and I went into the kitchen and got out all the ingredients. I started the water and waited for it to reach a boil and then put in the noddles, warmed the sauce, baked the bread, and cooked the broccoli. Once I had cooked and set everything I served it. I called the boys, Niall was the first one in and set down. Once everyone else sat down Niall had just put his first bite in his mouth. "OH MY FUCKING GOSH THIS IS BLOODY AMAZING" he said with wide eyes. Soon everyone else did and they had the exact same reaction." WHERE FOR THE LOVE CARROTS DID YOU LEARN TO COOK" Louis asked he was obviously the hyper and crazy one of the group. " um uh well Uh I-i have always had a love for cooking?" I said but it came out as a question. They looked at me in disbelief but left it alone.Once everyone was finished Liam and I cleaned the kitchen. He is the responsible one. " why were you lying about where you learned how to cook" well you see 3 years ago I had one of the worst life possible.....While Harry,Louis, and Zayn bullied me and turned everyone else at school aganist me, I had no parents I was abandoned at birth at ' A Angel' it was an orphanage and I was the oldest there so I cooked and it was a compete lie I had always had a love for cooking and apparently apparently a gift as some people put a gift" I said with silent tears dripping down my face. We had just finished he wiped his hands on his pants and pulled me in for a hug. WHile I sobbed he whispered soothing things in my ear. " sorry for getting your shirt wet" Its fine" he said I nodded. I went upstairs and took a shower dried my hair and changed into some night colthes and went to bed.


***** 8 hours later*****

I woke up and changed to go jogging. I went downstairs to expect nobody up but Liam was up, looking like he was fixing to jog." are you going jogging" I asked he nodded" me to... hold on" BOYS GET YOUR LAZY ARSES UP AND GET READY TO GO JOGGING" I heard several lines of curses. "I may be as blind as a bat but I can hear like a hawk so shut up and get ready" I smirked and Liam burst out laughing. After he sobbered up he ased me what I had heard" I heard several lines of cursing" he nodded smiling. 5 minutes later Harry, Niall, and Louis was down. 10 minutes still no Zayn"  ZAYN GET YOUR FUCKING LAZY ARSE DOWN HEAR BEFORE I COME UP THERE AND BRING YOU DOWN HERE YOU HAVE 30 SECONDS" after the time period he still wasn't down here. " boys get me a bucket of water" I said smirking. Once I got i balanced it on my head and walked upstairsto Zayn's room with the boys following me gaping at the bucket. Once we reached Zayn's room I walked in. That boy was in bed. I poured it on his face and he shot up. " what the fuck Louis" he saw I wasn't Louis." next time I say get the fuck up and get dressed to go jogging you will listen or I will drag you out in whatever your wearning this is a warning" he looked scared. " oh and today you have 2 minutes to do your hair today for not getting up you have 4 minutes to get ready starting now" I said walking out. 


*** 4 minutes later*** 

I was walking upstairs to get Zayn. I knocked and he came out and walked down infront of me and we went jogging.

*** after jogging** 

we were home and we went to get ready to go shopping . I had showered and changed with my spy suit underneath with weapons attached and my hair in a braid. I walked downstairs to see everybody down except Zayn. " ZAYN DO YOU WANT ME TO COME UP THERE" seconds later he was down. We walked out and they were fixing to just open Jackson. "WAIT" they nodded and put there hands up in defence. " hello Jackson please unlock all door except for the H and the T" will do agent 200" I smiled while the boys gsped and got in. " jackson buckle the seats" will do" they were all buckled in. " where to Mrs. Daniels" they nearest ASDA autodrive please" Kk" I turned to the boys" do you guys want anything" I asked "a carrot" louis said" oreos" Niall " a mirror" zayn said. " Jackson can I get a Carrot for Idiot 1" hey" Louis said as Jackson's robotic arm came out. " a box of oreos for Mr. Horan" Niall's oreos came out," and a Compact Mirror for Idiot 2" Out came Zayn's Mirror they gaped. Minutes later we were at the store. " I'm Paying" the boys all said at once" well guess what boys you may be famous but being a C.I.A agent amkes just as much as you so I'm Paying" they looked shocked but nodded. We went in

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