Never Forget

Elisa Daniels has had a rough past she was an orphan from birth and was bullied at school by 3 guys, and those three boys are now in the worlds biggest boy band. Non other than Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik. She is now one of the top agents at the C.I.A her next mission brings her to them. Will they remember her and will she forgive them.


1. get to know me

HI my names Elisa Daniels, and I'm 20. I have Blonde hair and Hazel eyes. I was an orphan from birth, I don't know my parents nor do I bother to after they left me. I was bullied by three guys i high school mentally and physically they are now some of the most famous and successful people in London. Now I'm am also successful I'm now agent 2000. I am the top agent apart from Mrs. Hollianders in the C.I.A. I am a black belt in Kung fu, Tai wan do, Karate, and I have mastered kick boxing. I am a specialtist in weapons and technology. I spent 6 months of training and  being on the field with other angent 3 years alone on the force. I am a level 9.7 agent in the next big mission I go on I will be a level 10 with Mrs. Hollianders. Well I have to go Mrs. Hollianders is calling me I probably have a mission.




OK so i know its short but it was an introduction. What do you think about it I'll update later tonight or tommarow afternoon. Give me some feed back





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