Never Forget

Elisa Daniels has had a rough past she was an orphan from birth and was bullied at school by 3 guys, and those three boys are now in the worlds biggest boy band. Non other than Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik. She is now one of the top agents at the C.I.A her next mission brings her to them. Will they remember her and will she forgive them.


6. Flashback


I woke up still mad at Harry I mean all he had to do was obey orders, is it really that hard?

Nobody was up so I decided that i would explore the house considering I never got a chance. I started wit the basement skipping the kitchen, sitting room, and the boys room I had already looked at and knew where they were. I found the light switch at the top of the stairs, I scanned the room and saw a punching bag. I went up to it and started taking out all my anger on it. The bullying, Harry, Hollianders giving me this mission, the CAA, being abbonded. **BOOM** it fell to the ground, "Elissa?" I turned around there was Liam looking at me with concern " I-I'm sorry Liam I'll by you a new one i kinda just took out all my anger on it" No bits fine just how?" I took out all my anger on it" oh well uh I'm going for a jog wanna come" Nah I'm going to make breakfast" Okay" we walked up stairs I got all the ingredients out when **boom* he slammed the door on his way out it triggered a flashback


I was fixing to leave my last period class when a door slammed behind me there stood my worst enemies, my bullies, my worst nightmares. Harry, Louis, and Zayn. well what do we have here" Harry said sickly sweet" it looks like the little skank is waiting for the teacher  so they can fuck eachother" said Zayn " might as well stop that ourselves" said Louis, Louis  pinned me against the floor  Zayn slid down my jeans and my black lace lingerie Harry then placed himself inside of me. I was crying I had never felt so violated. Louis and zayn were kissing my neck and massagingmy boobs way beyond my protest. "ELISSA?" ELI" LISSA" huh louis?" Iooke dup at him and whimpered  Elissa whats wrong?" Flashback" of?" the day you left for the x-factor"

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