Never Forget

Elisa Daniels has had a rough past she was an orphan from birth and was bullied at school by 3 guys, and those three boys are now in the worlds biggest boy band. Non other than Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik. She is now one of the top agents at the C.I.A her next mission brings her to them. Will they remember her and will she forgive them.


10. Eyes open

My eyes, open wide in shock. He had not just kissed me. Harry hated me and my existent. Any no point in time did he ever show any affection. He just hated me and I never knew why.  HE pulled away. " I-I'm sorry you probably will never forgive cause I have done a million times worst than Louis and Zayn." " I- Harry ......i need time." with that I zoomed out of the room. I ran strait to Liam, Louis, and Zayn. When I got down there my eyes must have still been open wide. Because they all ran to me with woriness in their eyes. " What happened" They all said in sync. wich was really creepy. "he- uh- Harry kissed me" I spit it out. LIam had fury in his eyes along with some sorrow. Zayn and Louis glanced at each other. My first thought..........What the fuck had I started.


How could he? He had to of known that I had a crush on Eli, but I had also known that he lked her because he called dibs when she first walked in the door. Then he found out it was her and never said anything about it again, so I assumed that I could take a shot and after getting to know Elissa just a smudge I fell in love. Harry gonna win because " the curls get the girls" 






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