Never Forget

Elisa Daniels has had a rough past she was an orphan from birth and was bullied at school by 3 guys, and those three boys are now in the worlds biggest boy band. Non other than Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik. She is now one of the top agents at the C.I.A her next mission brings her to them. Will they remember her and will she forgive them.


9. A kiss


The second those words came out of her mouth I stormed out of the room. How could they?  Why would Someone do that to an innocent girl? I went down stairs, " Harry, Louis, Zayn..." They all looked towards me " Elissa's room 2 minutes" they nodded. I went back upstairs and looked at Elissa, she had tears going down her face " the boys are coming up" she looked up at me. She shook her head " Harry still loves the idea of torching me" The boys knocked on the door " come in" Elissa answered. " boys do you want to explain to me what happened the day you left for the x-factor" they all looked at Elissa and then back at me. Louis said something first, " I regret it okay, everything that day and every other before that. I-I'm sorry Elissa" Elissa stood up and gave Louis a hug. "I forgive you Louis" she said as her voiced cracked on Forgive and had emphasis on Louis' name. " Zayn, Harry do you have anything to say for yourselves?" I asked. Zayn bit his bottom lip, " I-I just don't know how to ask for your forgiveness after every thing we did to you I- Just I can never explain how sorry I am please forgive me." She also went up and hugged Zayn " I also forgive you" We all looked at Harry. " I will never apologize to you, do I feel sorry for you, No, do I regret it, yes, why?, because at any point and time you could tell the Paparazzi, the cops, anybody." With that he stormed out of the room.


Harry had just stormed out of the room 5 minutes ago, and we all heard his door slam. everyone had left the room after that fit. I went to his room and opened the door. " Harry I just want to let you know that I forgive you even if you didn't apologize" He looked at me, he got up and stood over me, leaning down his eyes closed and his head tilted his lips soon met mine

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