Never Forget

Elisa Daniels has had a rough past she was an orphan from birth and was bullied at school by 3 guys, and those three boys are now in the worlds biggest boy band. Non other than Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik. She is now one of the top agents at the C.I.A her next mission brings her to them. Will they remember her and will she forgive them.


8. A furious Liam


I walked upstairs to get Harry. I slammed the door him widening his eyes. I uncuffed his arms and shackles." come on Harry"  we walked downstairs. Louis spoke " Harry apologize now' he said sternly. " oh Louis he dosen't have to the longer he insults me the more he will be up there." He nodded, We waked out to the car and Zayn drove.  I sat in between Louis and Liam. Liam texted me

(L- Liam E-Elissa )

L- what happend between u and haz

E- I had a flashback about the day they left for the x-factor

L- what happened then

E- nothing

we stopped While we were walking Liam leaned down and whispered in my ear " We will Finish this later" I nodded. " ah boys nice to see you again" He shook their hands. 

well lets be on with this. The director counted from behind the camera 54321 with his fingers. 

" they were here once and it was the most viewed episode ever, here once again ONE DIRECTION!!!" hello boys how are you " good " That's great so who here is single" Harry,Niall,and Liam raised their hands" ah so Louis who are you dating" Uh well I'm dating the beautiful Eleanor Calder" and you Zayn" We aren't yet ready to release it to the public" that's fine, and since we don't have time for much dance off" 




I was sitting in my room with Liam, " so what happened that day?" he asked 

" I was going to ask my math teacher Mr. Links a question then the boys came in and thought that we were having sex or more implied and they they they uh r-raped me" WHAT!!" liam roared and walked out of the room slamming the door.

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