Double the Styles

Tess Jennings was one of those girls that when you look at her you'd probably think, "Wow she must be that stuck up popular girl like in the movies." And for the record, that's half true. She was popular and pretty like in the movies, but not stuck up. She was a sweet, caring, beautiful, young girl. All the guys would hit on her & comment dirty things. But all she did was look down on them in disgust. Despite her popularity, her best friend was the last person you'd expect. Marcel Styles. The down-look dork of the school that everyone teased. Everyone bullied him despite the fact his best friend was "the popular girl" and no one bothered Tess about be best friends with "that dork". It was a weird system, and the two hated it. But suddenly something happens that might change everything in their lives. Marcel's twin brother is released from reformatory school after getting in serious trouble. A story about a boy no one ever knew. His name? Harry Styles.


3. The truth is...

Chapter 3 - The truth is...


Tess' POV: Periods 1 through 4 passed. I continued to ignore Marcel and his attempts to apologize. I mean seriously, a twin brother? A twin freaking brother and he never mentioned him once. Yeah so Harry is one aspect of his life he never informed us about. But what about everything else that is involved with him? He may be only one person, but many things are associated with him and Marcel never told us about them. "Us" being me and my other best friend Mandy. She was my other best friend, but Marcel was always #1 and she knew that. But at this rate, I would much rather talk to her. She was okay with the fact Marcel and I were the closest, but she was still close with him too and I knew she was going to be crushed when she found out. The bell rang signalling 4th period was over and it was time for lunch. As I maneuvered through the crowded hallway, someone stopped me. I flinched, thinking it was Marcel. 

"Tess?" a soft voice spoke. It was Mandy, not Marcel.
"Mandy, thank goodness it's you." I sighed.
"What the hell is going on between you and Marcel? I saw him try to talk to you earlier but you shook him off and walked away."
"I'm pissed off at him." I stated and walked to my locker. Mandy followed me.
Her eyes grew large, "Marcel?! But, you never get mad at him, ever."
I stayed silent.
"What happened?" she asked concerned.
" know that new student?" I started.
"Yeah, I mean I haven't actually met him or seen him yet. But I heard there was a new guy."
"..the new kid, he's Marcel's...t-twin brother." I waited for a response. A gasp, a scream, a cry, but it was silent. I looked up at her, only to see her blue orbs fill with rage. The rage was soon replaced with hurt.
"Why wouldn't he tell us?" she asked, her words only coming out in soft whispers.
I pulled her into a comforting hug, "I don't know."

Marcel's POV: I took a deep breath, and gathered up the courage to confront my friends. As I turned the corner, I saw Tess engulf Mandy in a hug. As soon as Tess' gaze met mine, she pulled out of the embrace. The two girls turned to me, hurt filling their beautiful eyes. I slowly walked up to them. Tess' eyes never lost contact with mine, her brown eyes looking right through me. Mandy simply looked down to her feet, not wanting to see me. 

"Tess, Mandy, I'm sorry! Please," I started.
"Why wouldn't you tell us about..him?" Mandy asked, her words fighting to come through.
Tess crossed her arms over her chest, waiting for an answer.
"Don't you trust us?" Mandy asked once again.
"I was afraid. Afraid you would judge me based on who my brother was." I admitted to them.
Tess finally spoke up, "We would never, ever, judge you Marcel. Why would you think like that?" 

I pulled them into an empty classroom. I never told anyone what I was about to confess to them. But I trusted them, and I needed them to know that. They deserve the truth, and some answers.

I took a deep breath, preparing to tell them the story, "The Summer before year 7, our parents got divorced. I stayed with my mom here in America and Harry went off with our dad to London. A couple of months after they moved to London and after the divorce, Harry became all rebellious. By the time he was 15 he was basically the poster child of what not be like. One night him and his friends were out by the woods after hours of drinking. They went through the woods, then they entered illegal territory a couple of miles into the forest. It was a steep cliff. They pushed each other around and were being stupid, but no one was supposed to get hurt. Then one of his friends...fell. They fell of the edge of the cliff and died that night. Harry was so in shock he passed out, while his friends ran off. The next morning the police and our dad showed up, and Harry was accused of being the one who caused the guy to fall. He was charged of third degree man-slaughter but then later they found out he was innocent. Even after all that, Harry became worse. He caused so much trouble, and dad couldn't take it. One night, the police showed up with his file. They said he was so troubled he needed to be sent to reformatory school or else he would spend time in juvie until he was old enough to go to jail to pay time there if he hadn't fully recovered. It was that serious so dad sent him to the school and he was there for 3 years until, well, now. After he got sent off my parents got back together.Harry was supposed to come home in 9 months, but he got let out for "good behavior" and now he'"


Author's Note: Well there was Harry's back story! What do you think? Good? Bad? I don't know! :P well I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Don't forget to like, favourite, and become a fan. Bye!

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