Double the Styles

Tess Jennings was one of those girls that when you look at her you'd probably think, "Wow she must be that stuck up popular girl like in the movies." And for the record, that's half true. She was popular and pretty like in the movies, but not stuck up. She was a sweet, caring, beautiful, young girl. All the guys would hit on her & comment dirty things. But all she did was look down on them in disgust. Despite her popularity, her best friend was the last person you'd expect. Marcel Styles. The down-look dork of the school that everyone teased. Everyone bullied him despite the fact his best friend was "the popular girl" and no one bothered Tess about be best friends with "that dork". It was a weird system, and the two hated it. But suddenly something happens that might change everything in their lives. Marcel's twin brother is released from reformatory school after getting in serious trouble. A story about a boy no one ever knew. His name? Harry Styles.


4. Harry

Chapter 4 - Harry 


Tess' POV: I stood there, in shock at the information being given to us. That's so much of his life he never told us, but I'm no longer mad. I feel bad for him. This whole time he wanted to tell us but he was too scared. He was ashamed of his brother.

"Marcel.." Mandy and I gushed in unison, pulling him into a bone-crushing hug. 
"You guys aren't..mad? Scared? Upset? Nothing..?" he questioned.
We pulled out of the hug, "No. We're not mad, not scared, and not upset. You told us the truth, about everything. And that's what matters. And we're not scared, if he got let out for "good behavior" he must've been doing something right." I reassured him. He sighed in relief.
Mandy spoke up, "Well I have to get going, but I'll see you guys after school, k?" 
We smiled in response as she walked off. Marcel took my small hands in his, looking me in the eyes, "Tess, I'm truly sorry. I know I should've told you guys sooner. You especially. You're my best friend and that would never change. From now on, I promise. Anything, anything you want to know about me, I'll tell you. And as of now, you know everything." he smiled at me, showing off that cute little dimple I loved. His green orbs burning into my brown ones. I couldn't help but blush a little. 

Yeah so Marcel has that stereo typical "geek" look, but under the glasses, the clothes, and slicked back hair, he looked amazing. I've only ever seen him once without his usual attire, once in the morning when I dropped off something. He was in his pajamas, his glasses were off, and his hair fell loosely in soft tousled brown curls. But even with his khakis, sweaters, and glasses, I thought he was cute. Okay so I may have a little crush on Marcel. I don't know how it happened, it just did. But he's probably into the really smart girls who get straight A's and 100% on their report cards. So not me.

"Tess?" Marcel asked, snapping me out of my thoughts. 
"Er, sorry." my cheeks flushed a bright red.
He chuckled, "You just kind of zoned out for a minute. It's fine."
We smiled at each other for a moment. The bell rang and lunch was over. We exited the classroom and headed towards our lockers. Before I was a about to head the other way towards my own locker, I was stopped. I turned around to face a tall figure. Harry. His height intimidatingly towering over me. 

"Come on." he stated, gesturing me to follow him.
"I uh, have class so.." I tried to walk away only to have him pull me back. I was forced to follow him, my eyes darting back and forth seeing as teachers simply ignored us basically skipping class.
"Marcel!" Harry shouted down the hallway as Marcel was about to enter class.
"The principal said you guys are going to be showing me around." Harry grinned.
"Uh why me?" I asked awkwardly.
He turned to me briefly, I could've sworn I saw him wink at that couldn't have happened. I shook it off, I must been seeing things.
"I wanted to get to know you. Since according to what I'm hearing, you guys are really close." I gushed a little at his thick -and quite deep if I do say so myself- English accent. He flashed me a smirk, a little dimple peeking out. A match to Marcel's. I gasped a little, every feature he had was the same as his brother.
'Well duh Tess, they're identical twins.' I thought to myself. Well yeah obviously I know that, but seriously it was crazy. Almost scary. Harry looked at me, the green in his eyes sparkling. Almost as if I was looking at Marcel even. I couldn't help but blush a little, he really was attractive. My stomach began to do somersaults as he continued to smile at me. Marcel coughed awkwardly, breaking the brief moment between Harry and I.

"So yeah, let's go around.." Marcel said quietly, leading down the hallway. 

Harry just nodded at everything he said, throwing in the occasional "cool" every now in then. I knew he really wasn't interested. Everything Marcel told him went in ear and out the other. I would throw in comments about places we showed him, just because it was getting kind of awkward. Harry would constantly steal glimpses of me, smiling or winking. He really wasn't being all that subtle about it. He turned to smirk at me once while Marcel was talking right to his face. I could tell Marcel was growing uncomfortable with Harry's actions. He would adjust and slide his collar whenever he felt out of place. By the end of the "tour" Marcel said his goodbyes, giving me a hug as he headed to his class. As Harry was thanking me for the tour, I thought I saw his hand wandering by my bag. However, I chose to ignore it, as I didn't want to look down and check. He gave me a small hug, thanking me one last time.

"Well I should head over to the office. Thanks again, bye Tess." he gave me a small wave before ascending down the staircase. I walked over to history class, replaying Harry's actions over and over in my head. I rolled my eyes, he looks like he would be a flirt. He probably does this to every girl he talks to. I slip into my seat in the back of the classroom. As I pull out my history textbook, a small piece of paper fell out in the process. I picked it up, unfolding it under my desk. 

I read the note, We should hang out soon. Give me a call. Harry xx followed by a series of digits, I assumed it was his phone number. 

I was confused and somewhat flattered all at the same time. It was a weird feeling, but I figured I should give him a call..maybe.


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