A Turn Of Events

This is a collection of Diary entries about different situations and happenings in a young girls life. Its part of a series where I will follow other peoples point of views.

Warnings of some scenes you may find upsetting


7. The meeting

It was the first day of camp and I was so exited, I hadn't seen anyone since last year as we'd all been so busy.

I'd seen Cris obviously but he was the only one.

When I walked into my Cabin nobody was there so I claimed the best bed again, my top bunk.

I was sat on the top bunk in my yellow shorts and a t shirt when Charlie walked through the door, I screamed and he ran forward.

I jumped off the bunk into his arms and he spun me round while I hugged him, he kissed my cheek as we span then he put me down.

"How've you been Princess?" He asked me picking his suitcase up and putting it on the top bunk next to mine.

"I've been good, where's Kevin?" I asked, they usually come together but they didn't this time.

"I haven't seen him, I've been in hospital so we didn't come together this time"

"Hospital, why? You said you were fine" Charlie was diagnosed with Anemia when he was 6 and ever since then he had been in and out of hospital for various different check ups.

"It was only a check up, nothings happened I'm fine Princess, you know I am Stop worrying, im a big boy." He said.

"A big boy who needs to be more careful Charlie" I said looking concerned.

"I coughed and my mum thought I was dying so she brought me in for a check up, it's just over worrying parents."

"She's right though, what if one day you cough and you are dying?"

"Well when that day comes ill let you worry but for now it's fine"

We began to unpack his suitcase together when Kevin walked in.

"GANG!!!!" Kevin screamed with his arms held out .

We ran towards him and we all fell over on top of him, I kissed him on the cheek and we all began to laugh.

Charlie and Kevin were my best friends and every year at Camp we had the most amazing times ever.

Until it was all over.

Then I never had an amazing time, I hardly smiled or laughed.

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