A Turn Of Events

This is a collection of Diary entries about different situations and happenings in a young girls life. Its part of a series where I will follow other peoples point of views.

Warnings of some scenes you may find upsetting


1. The John Lewis Chair

Jake; my brother, had a hangover and I turned the light on. That's how it started.


"Turn the light off!" Jake demanded. I looked at him a smiled. It's so easy to wind him up

"What's up with you moody?" I asked jokingly throwing my head back and laughing

"I'm not well. You could have asked why earlier you know show you care"

"Did it occur to you that I don't actually care" I said laughing.

"Shove off! Get out, I really don't need this!" he said clutching his head as he sat up

"Oh by the way, that chair I said I liked I've ordered it, so when the men get here just tell them to bring it up to my room"

"What chair?" Jake asked

"That stripy John Lewis chair"

"You mean the £300 chair that I told you couldn't buy"

"Yeah" I said nodding and smiling sweetly

"No" Jake retorted

"Hah! okay"

"Just disappear Get out!" He looked at me as he said it and I knew he regretted it. I just shrugged and walked away.

I went to my room and cancelled the order, I didn't want me and Jake to fight and I shouldn't have ordered the chair but I did and now Jake was angry at me.

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