A Turn Of Events

This is a collection of Diary entries about different situations and happenings in a young girls life. Its part of a series where I will follow other peoples point of views.

Warnings of some scenes you may find upsetting


8. My Saviour

Me, Jack and James were driving along a road screaming out the words to the final countdown (I was the trumpet) When we came to the cross roads.

The lights were on green so Jack pulled out. A car next to us swerved and hit the side of the car sending us spinning into the middle of the crossroads, Jacks engine cut out. He was trying to turn the car back on when a car coming from the other direction came towards us.

James was the only one who saw it and by the time he got his words out it was too late. The car had hit the side of our car making us flip over and skid across the floor onto the side of the road.

We all passed out from shock and we then woke up in an ambulance on the way to a hospital. James was in mine. I woke up and looked about and saw him. His head was facing away from me but his arm lay limp over the side of the bed.

I held it waiting for him to turn over but he never did. I then became aware of how cold his hand was. Then I began to cry. When we got to the hospital they carted his body off to an examination room.

I was put in my usual room (as I'm a frequent patient) and Jack in the room next to me. I remember seeing a nurse go into Jacks room and heard him scream, then she came into my room.

"Hi, Ellie, I'm Dr Stevens, I'm afraid James was killed in the car crash."


"His spine was broken" I closed my eyes and nodded slowly. I opened my mouth and took a deep breath and then sighed.

"I'm very sorry"

"I don't understand how he got his spine broken, he was sat behind the driver and yet the car his the passenger side.?"

"The paramedics said that he had moved to be on the passenger side and that he had pushed you to the drivers side, we think this might have saved your life." that's when I started to cry. James had saved me. Saved me and killed himself instead, I wondered why he did it.

"Can I see Jack?"

"I would advise against it for now, let the news sink in and see him in a couple of hours." I nodded, when the nurse left I lay back and cried myself to sleep. Then a few hours later I was woken by a warm feeling on one of my hands, I looked up to see Jack sat there holding it and crying. I sat up and took a breath.

"Hello" I said.

"Hi" he managed to mouth. He was crying to much to talk, or to even form words. we looked at each other and stayed silent. The next day Jack was sent home, he had got away with a few bumps and bruises.

After the funeral he went out of contact for a while, his parents said that he had gone to Egypt and they hadn't heard from him. The next time I saw him was at camp, and he had completely changed.

He didn't seem like my best friend any more. He was broken like anyone would be after loosing a twin.

Like Fred Weasley, I don't think he ever healed. Jack laughed still but his conversations were always serious and deep.

I guess in some ways that's good because we're more close now but I'd love it if he joked again. I love his smile and at the moment it's lost.

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