The special night

Friday night , home alone (parents are on a anniversary vacation) . I decided to go on omegle just to fight off my boredom. When I decided to get off , they came on. Who were "they" and did they stay on ? Find out in this new/first movella by yours truly :)

Ex oh ex oh ❤❤


1. Friday night

Leyla's P.O.V. 

Ugh thank god my parents left ! All of the yelling and bickering slowly turned into peace and quiet . Hopefully this vacation helps them get along better because I definitely don't wanna see them getting a divorce and time soon . . 


Zayn's P.O.V.


damn that concert was crazy as usual but still nobody is standing out in the crowd like Perrie did . Oh god I miss her , she was perfect but I understand why we broke up . Our work schedules are madness and she just isn't used to it like I am . She still loves me , well , I hope . 

1 hour later 


No cute girls on omegle tonight ! I guess we'll try a few more people tonight just for the hell of it 

"Ooh look at her !" Harry said 

"Bro , that's not a she." 


"Wait ," i said " what about her ? "

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