Inner Demons

Lucy Karahem lives with her twin sister Lara in a neighbourhood built for families with twins. She has a major crush on Harry Styles, not Edward, Harry. She is a singer, she is having her first live performance soon and when she falls off the stage and into his arms... She really falls.
Used to be called "Falling Into Your Arms"


11. The Making of Lucy 2.0

The next morning when I woke up, since it was a Saturday, I decided to go out and get a head start on Lucy 2.0. I brushed out my hair and put it into a pony tail, did my basic makeup and donned simple jogging pants, tank top and sweater. Putting on a pair of flats as I headed out, wallet in hand. 

I drove to the mall, and looked around till I found what I needed. I got new clothes, new makeup, new hair techniques. I also went to the nail salon and got my nails redone. 

When I was finished  drove back home and unpacked all of my things and hung them up in my closet. After that, I grabbed my phone and changed my backgrounds, and profile pictures. Making sure that there was no trace of the old Lucy. The one who could get her heart broken so easily...

No, now was not the time to dwell on that. The old Lucy is gone, and Lucy 2.0 is taking her place, so she is never seen again. 

Once again, there was a tapping on my window and I opened the curtains and the window. 

"Hey Niall." 

"Hey, Lucy. Why didn't you answer yesterday?" 

"I was tired. And I didn't really feel like talking, you know that feeling? You just don't wanna." 

"Um.... No. I always want to talk to you." 

I shrugged. "Well, it was just one of those moods. You don't feel like doing anything." 

"Those moods I know. Is something up with you? You seem... Different." 

"I hope so. This is Lucy 2.0. She doesn't get her heart broken and she doesn't trust people as easily?" 

"Does Lucy 2.0 always talk in the third person? Because Niall finds it annoying." 

"No. But wait till you see her on Monday. When she really makes an appearance," I shut the window and the curtains and flopped down on my bed. Lucy 2.0 is going to make a big impact. For sure. 

Edward's P.O.V. 

I can't believe I let Harry ruin my chances with Lucy. She means so much to me and I can't believe that she never wants to see me again. She isn't answering my texts, or calls and when I went over to her house earlier, her sister said she wasn't there, that she'd gone out shopping. I'm never gonna trust that boy again. 

Now my chances with the girl of my dreams are shattered and I don't know how to get her back. I'll really have to charm her, and show her I really do care. And not let Harry get in the way this time. I need to redeem myself to her, and when I do. She'll be wowed. At least, I hope. 

We'll just have to wait till Monday to find out. 

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