Inner Demons

Lucy Karahem lives with her twin sister Lara in a neighbourhood built for families with twins. She has a major crush on Harry Styles, not Edward, Harry. She is a singer, she is having her first live performance soon and when she falls off the stage and into his arms... She really falls.
Used to be called "Falling Into Your Arms"


3. Performing Part 1 - Setting Up

We walked in and the place was a ghost town. 

"Where is everyone?" I asked Cora, the manager. 

"We don't open tonight till 8." 

"Why?" Lara asked. 

"So that we can everything set up for your performance." 

"Oh, is that the stage?" I asked, pointing to the stage that was four feet off the ground and had a mic stand and a guitar stand. 

"Yes, do you like it?" 

"I love it. You did great Cora." 

"Thanks, now you will perform your two songs at different times, one at 8:30 and the next at 9:30. Then we'll close at 10 and you my dear, will get free food, and your sister too." 


"Yeah, thanks Cora." 

"Well go set up then, you've got twenty minutes," she gave us a little shove over to the stage on the opposite wall. 

I stepped up onto the stage and placed my guitar on the guitar stand and stepped up to the mic. 

"Testing testing." I laughed. "I'm all set up Cora. I only brought my guitar." 

"Well then sit in your booth, and wait for your friends. It's that one over there." She pointed to a large half circle booth pretty close to the stage. 

"Thanks again Cora!" I shouted. 

We walked over and slid into the booth. 


"What's up superstar?" Niall slid into the booth beside Lara and James was beside him. 

"I'm just waiting, I'm super nervous. I can't finish my fries, do you want them?" 

"Hell yes." I slid them over to him. 

"You eat to much boy," Lara commented. 

"Shuddup," he said through a mouthful of fries. 

I rolled my eyes, and Zayn and Marco appeared. 

"Hey guys."

"Vas happaning?" Zayn asked as they slid in next to James. 

"Waiting for another," I checked my phone, "ten minutes till I'm up. While Niall devours my free fries." 

"You're getting free food?" Niall asked. 

"Yeah, I guess it's a perk of performing." 

"What is?" I heard the voice of Edward Styles speak up. 

"I get free food." I said shyly. 

"Why don't you just slide in next to Lucy, Harry?" Niall instructed. 

"Sure." He slid in next to me and his brother slid in after him, bumping into Harry and causing him to slide closer to me making me blush lightly. "I like your hair," Harry said to me. 

"Thanks," I blushed more. 

"Hey my homies!" Louis Tomlinson had just arrived with his brother, William. 

"Hey Sass master," I responded, grinning. 

They slid in, William next to Edward and Louis next to William. 

Eight minutes to go. 

"Niall, will you help me make sure my guitar is tuned right?" I asked. 

"Sure." We managed to get out and head over there without much trouble. 

When we got there I took my guitar off the stand and took the tuner out and handed them both to them. 

"Are you singing Pretty Brown Eyes first?" 

"No, I'm singing Castle on a Cloud first." 

"Then why am I tuning your guitar now?" 

"Because I needed an excuse to talk to you. Alone." 

"Oh, okay, I'll keep tuning and you just keep talking." 

"Got it, okay. Um, is Harry flirting with me?" 

"Why are you asking me that?" 

"Because your a guy, and you know how guys flirt." 

"I don't think he was." 

"Okay, that will make me less nervous." 

"Okay, it's tuned." He put it back on the stand and put the tuner in my case. "You good?" 

"Yeah. But I got like," I checked my phone again. "two more minutes. Stay up here with me till then?" 


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