Inner Demons

Lucy Karahem lives with her twin sister Lara in a neighbourhood built for families with twins. She has a major crush on Harry Styles, not Edward, Harry. She is a singer, she is having her first live performance soon and when she falls off the stage and into his arms... She really falls.
Used to be called "Falling Into Your Arms"


22. Inner Demons

After an amazing night, I was ready to face anything thrown my way. My first kiss with Edward was perfect, better then I could ever have imagined. 

He even listened to an explanation of what and how I'd come to my realization, and accepted it without question. 

Now it was morning on Saturday and I had a lot to do if I was going to get rid of things that represented Lux.  

First was to put all the clothes in a box and lock them away in the attic. Second thing was to put the crimper away with the clothes, as well as the teasing comb and hairspray that came with it. 

Edward pulled me aside as we placed the hair products atop the box. 

"Hey, maybe keep a key to that stuff. I may just want to see you in those clothes again as long as the attitude doesn't come along with it." 

Blushing, I promised to keep the spare key in my purse. 

After everyone went home, I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes. 

I couldn't completely get rid of Lux, she'll always be there, making me that much more confident about myself and my body. Giving me the courage to fight back when beaten down by people that didn't want me to succeed. 

And everyone has that part of themselves inside them. Not letting them take over, and just keeping that part that will make every person who hurts you regret it because you are stronger than you think. You can be brave and stop things you don't want to happen. You don't need to be a superhero to stand up against the bullies. 

Learn from my mistake and don't let your inner demons take control of your life, you may not be as lucky as I was. 

And always remember this: 

You are worth it, you are beautiful, even if it doesn't necessarily shows on the surface. That's not what matters. Beauty is only skin deep. Be who you are, be proud of it, and don't give in to personal demons. 


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