Inner Demons

Lucy Karahem lives with her twin sister Lara in a neighbourhood built for families with twins. She has a major crush on Harry Styles, not Edward, Harry. She is a singer, she is having her first live performance soon and when she falls off the stage and into his arms... She really falls.
Used to be called "Falling Into Your Arms"


14. Games in 3... 2... 1...

With my backpack slung over my shoulder, I walked down the street towards the Styles Household. I just hoped this didn't backfire in my face.

I reached up and knocked on the door, leaning onto one foot as I waited for someone to answer the door. The door finally opened and Edward stood there.

"You came."

"Of course. This might be my only chance to talk to you, face to face without any eavesdroppers."

"Uh... Okay." He let me in and I walked up the stairs. "To the right." He told me and I walked into a neat room with a double bed, and simple furnishings.

Once he'd joined me and closed the door, he sat down on the bed, patting the spot next to him for me to sit down but I shook my head. 

"No, it's easier to yell when you're standing up."

"Uh, yell?"

"Yeah, Lucy and Lucy 2.0 have some things to say to you." I narrowed my eyes at him and crossed my arms over my chest after dropping my backpack on the floor.

"G-Go ahead then."

"You're crazy! Do you know how much worry and over thinking you're little stunt at the restaurant has caused me! I've over thought and worried every little thing that happened there. I've thought about why you didn't just stand me up and walk away like you should have! Do you realize that if you had done just that, we wouldn't be in this mess! Did you not think about that?"

"Lucy, just-"

"No. I liked you, a lot. And when I thought you liked me back that was the best feeling in the world! I finally understood why people always wanted all those movie cliches in their romance, I understood why people said they couldn't live without the boyfriend or girlfriend. I understood all of it. But it turns out that you and your brother played an evil trick on me! And you crushed me, so you pulled out, Lucy 2.0... Who needs a name still..." I shook my head to clear my thoughts. "You brought this on. And so you'll have to pay for it. It was you, you were the one all along."

"The one?"

"I like Harry before our little, incident or so I thought. It was really you."


"Yes, but now that you've broken me. I'm not gonna let you get what I know you want and what I know that I did want."

"What? Lucy please!"

"No. You've destroyed the one who loved you. And now, the one who's protecting her, is gonna get you back for it. For it all." I told him.


"And it won't be in the way she would have. In the way, I'll have."

"And what's that?"

"A surprise."

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