Fire & Ice

Jessa Claire, she's your average hockey player. Oh, wait, did I just say she's a hockey player? You bet. Oh, and her best friend, Preston, he's a figure skater. The guys hate him, the girls hate her. Both tired of the teasing, they decide to swap. He tries to teach her how to figure skate, and him hockey. But, what will they do when the Fire & Ice competition comes up, offers a spot for a duet, and Preston forgets how to skate?


1. One Step At A Time

  The song One Step At A Time played in the rink as Ursen shot the puck into the goal. He skated around, getting his victory high-fives, including one from me. "Alright, lets think. We have fifty-seven seconds left on the clock, we're even, and we only need a goal. Let's go with our best bet." Coach barked, pointing around the circle, and stopping at me. 

  "Can she handle it Coach?" Ojenka asked. What was his problem with me? I'm supposed to be a weapon, and he'd rather bring a knife to a gun fight? Alright, that's his call. Coach's call, is really the only one that matters.

  "I'm positive. Don't question my reasoning, Oj. Any others?" He said. everybody shook their heads. "Alright. Let's play! Hands in." 

  "One...Two...Three.... VICTORY!" We screamed. I took my position in the left wing, soothing the suspicions from the other team. Wow, they're more gullible than I thought. I looked over to where the referee was standing, holding the puck above his head.

  Ursen, and the other guy crouched down, so they could swipe at the puck for a few seconds. The whistle blew, and the crowd went insane, as Ursen passed to Oj. Oj circled around the goal, and passed to Hylt, who -after passing a long shot to Longs- got chucked into the wall.

  Taken up in the action, I for got about the puck that was now in front of my feet, along with the herd of boys behind me. Coming to my senses, I kept the puck moving from side to side, finally approaching the goal. "You got this, Jessa," The team cheered, as I stopped, and swung back. 

  I still can't believe what happened. According to coach, there was five seconds left on the clock as I swung back, and at the third, one of the other teams players chucked me from behind, and Oj took my shot. They didn't even get penalized, or take the game into overtime. All I remember was tripping. 

  When I woke up, the hockey team was crowding over me, mimicking pained faces. I wiped my nose, considering the fact it was running. Although, when I looked at my hand, I saw a fairly bright red line across my hand. Now I know why they're... Okay.

  "Dude it was sick!" Hylt exclaimed. "You completely wiped out! And then, Oj made the winning shot! Without him, we would have had to go into over-time. That would've sucked." He continued.

  "Or, if they penalized the guy who BC'd me, We could've gotten a free shot," I explained, "Or maybe if he didn't chuck me at all, I would've made the shot. Don't glorify Oj, he was being a dick earlier."

  "He wasn't being a dick, you just got what you deserved." A blonde head said from behind Hylt. Shawnna Denney, also known as: Little Miss Priss. I've hated her since third grade. Specifically when she made fun of me when I brought my skates in for a show-and tell day.

  "Yeah, you shouldn't have been such a klutz." Said her minion, Cheyenne. The two of them were the best figure-skaters in the entire company, and don't wait to rub it in your face.

  "Well, the fact of it is, she got BC'd. It wasn't her fault that the other team was playing dirty." Ursen said, from the other side of the box, where he was taking off his skates.

  "And what is that supposed to mean?" Cheyenne asked. 

  "Somebody chucked her from behind. Now shoo, it's not like we visit your part of the arena," He explained. "And, besides, it's not like you 'd understand." He finished. Their jaws dropped in mock-shock, as they ran out the west doors. I got up, and gave him a hug.


  "No problem, kiddo. You're the only girl on the team, and hockey is pretty rough. You deserve some props." He continued. He was probably the nicest guy on the team, where as Oj was just discriminative. Just because I'm a girl, with a really girly name, doesn't mean I can't play a decent game of hockey.

  "Yeah, and you were right. Only a cunt would've taken another player's shot. " He said, laughing along with me. "Unless they were on the other team. Then, you'd be a smart-ass." We laughed again. He ties the laces of his skates together so they'd be connected.

  "Closin' time," The zamboni guy said, "Now, leave before I run you over," He joked. We both grabbed our stuff, and headed out the doors. 

  "Are you sure you don't need a ride home?" He asked. I had to go home with Preston, considering we lived next-door to each other, and he has his license. I still have to wait. 

  "Yeah, see you tomorrow." I said, forgetting we didn't have practice until Monday.  Oh, well. I stood at the window, watching the figure skaters practice. And, there he was, doing the double lutz in the routine. Next is an axel, and then a corkscrew spin, and finally a butterfly spin.

  "And finish!" I heard Ms. Bowsman holler, as he struck a pose, and the music cut. "Fabulous, just amazing." She cheered. The other girls clapped at his amazingness, I guess. The ysay preston was destined to be a figure skater. I'd believe them.

  "And, think. In two months, he'll be competing in the Fire & Ice competition." She glowed, proud to know that it was her who taught him.

  "This kind of skill, you'd have to learn quickly. Probably taking two steps at a time instead of one." She continued, praising her star. Her flattery was enough to make the entire hockey team laugh. Preston looked around, to the girl who were cheering, and then to the window, where I was waiting. He slid off the ice, and seconds later, he was walking out the door with me.

  "So, how was the game?" He asked. Preston was nice enough to ask, as he was the only boy on the 'picked side'.

  "Terrible," I said, " I was this close to making a shot," I continued, showing him how close I was with my fingers. " And I blew it!"

  "How'd you blow it?"

  "Oh, somebody chucked me from behind, and knocked me out. Oj took my shot. We won, and I didn't even get to score the winning goal! Do you know what this means?!" I screamed, forgetting I was just in his little, red sedan.

  "No. I don't know what that means."

  "It means that I might have to sit on, " I paused for a bit, "The bench." I cringed, as a nasty chill rushed down my spine. "I can't just sit there the entire game. You get benched, you stay benched for the rest of the game." I explained.

  "Oooh, that must suck."

  "Must suck? Preston, please, the game is my life. It's deadly for me to not play at all. Do you want me to die?" I asked.

  "No. I just think you're over-reacting." He said, not looking me in the eye particularly. 

  "I'm not over-reacting, it's just...."

  "Uh-huh," He said. "And, that's why I'm glad we're here. now, you can get some sleep." He continued, opening the door so he could get out. "See you at school."

  "See you," I said, dreading tomorrow. "Don't forget about the pre-calc test!" I called after him, before slamming the house door shut. I ran up the stairs, and threw on some sweat pants. Yes, bed-time. The other time, aside from hockey, I look forward to.


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