Apocalypse Love

Hello. I'm Claire. My family is dead. They are properly walkers by now. I have to stay alive and fight the walkers. I find a jail that looks abandoned, but there is a group of alive people in it. I meet the group leaders son. At first he didn't trust me, but as the days past I got him to talk to me more. Will we become more than friends? Will our relationship kill someone? And will I be kidnapped because of it?


1. Finding a group

Chapter 1

Chapter 1
    My family was dead. Gone. They properly are walkers by now. 
I knew it when I woke up on the grass beside my house. I stood up, and looked around me. I could see 4 walkers about a mile from me, on the road. 
I looked to the left where my house is, and saw a baseball bat, leaning against the house. I went over to the house, picked the baseball bat up, and went towards the road. I hide behind cars that where left there, and made my way towards a store called Walmart. 
When I got inside Walmart, I made my way over to where the purses, and bags are. I found a backpack to put food, drinks, weapons, and supplies in it. When I put all the stuff I needed in the backpack, I heard walkers moaning.
I crouched down behind a shelf, picked up a can of beans from the ground, and threw it. I heard the walkers follow the sound of the can hitting the ground. I ran straight out of Walmart,and made my way to the nearest woods I can find.
I stopped to catch my breath for a couple of minuets, then made my way out of the woods. I looked behind me, and saw a walker. With the baseball bat in my hands, I went over to the walker and smashed its head.
I heard more moaning sounds of walkers, and ran as fast as I can, across a field of grass. I looked behind me, and saw the walkers walking towards me. I then ran faster towards a building that looked like a jail. 
Once I got to the fences I yelled "Help." I heard the moaning come more closely, and I began yelling more louder.

I spotted a guy come towards the gate and say "Are you bit?" 
I said "No, please let me in." The guy opened the gate, shut the gate, then pushed me to the ground.

The guy said "Drop your weapon." 
I threw the baseball bat towards the guy. He then told me "Give me your backpack." I obediently threw my back pack towards the guy.
The guy picked up my backpack, and looked threw it. He looked at me, and said "Follow me." I followed him into the jail, and saw a guy with a bow as a weapon.
 The guy who told me to follow him said "Take her to a cell." I followed the guy with the bow as a weapon into a cell. I turned around and saw the gate close so I couldn't get out. 
I sighed and decided to lay down. The guy with a bow said "I'll be back in the morning to get you up for food."

I said "Okay." And drifted into a deep sleep.

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