Check One, Two, Check

Arie Bache seems to be your normal 17 year old girl, but with a secret passion no one can know about. If anyone finds out they'll laugh at her, make fun of her.
But one day Vincent caught Arie.
And changed her world forever.


1. Songbook.

 "Arie! You need to take the trash out!" Arie's mom yelled.

 "Alright, alright!" She yelled back, strolling down the strairs.

"Hurry the trash man is coming!" Her mother basically shoved her out the door.

 Arie went and threw the trash in the dumpster and went back inside.

 Arie ran up to her room. 6:30AM.

 "Shit! Only 30 minutes!" She threw her pajama's off, put a tank top on, shoved her hair up in a messy bun, put her holey jeans on and her cowgirl boots, did her make-up and ran outside to the bus stop.

 Her neighbor Vincent walked up beside her, "Hey Arie."

 "Hey Vinnie." Arie joked.

 "How many times do I half to tell you not to call me that!" He laughed.

 "What'd you expect? Me to call you by your real name?" Arie smiled.

 The bus rolled up and squealed to a stop. The old rusty metal doors flung open.

 "Ladies first." Vincent said in a mocking voice.

 Arie climbed up the stairs and went to the back and sat in the 1-person seat.

Vincent sat in the one across the aisle from her.

Vincent looked into Arie's eyes.

 "You okay?" Arie asked slowly.

 "Huh?" He shook his head, "Oh, Yeah I'm fine."

 "So how are you and Lillian doing?" Arie beat around the bush to ask.

 "Were doing okay." He replied.

 Lillian was Vincent's bossy, mean, little miss popular, bitchy girlfriend.

 Vincent honestly hated her, but just couldn't break her heart.

 The bus came up to the school and all the kids got off the bus.

 Arie stopped as Lillian and Vincent ran up to each other, he picker her up and they kissed.

 Arie whispered to herself, "Yeah Vinnie, you totally hate her."

 She ran off into the school and went to her classroom. Flopped in her chair and pulled out a notebook.

 She opened it and continued writing what she was working on.

 "Hey ugly whatcha' readin?" Willow, a popular, cheerleader, mean girl grabbed Arie's notebook and started flipping threw it, "Oh your writing songs? You wanna be a famous singer hm?"

 Willow starting tearing pages out.

 "Willow stop it!" Arie tried to hop out of the chair but the other cheerleaders held her down.

 Willow threw the book in the trash and the other girls shoved her on the floor.

 "Your so stupid and ugly." Willow kicked her.

 "Dude Willow what the hell?!" Vincent ran in and pushed her away from Arie.

 "Come on girls." Willow and the rest of them walked off.

 "You alright?" Vincent stuck his hand out.

 "I'm fine." Arie snapped grabbing Vincent's hand as he pulled her up.

 Arie got back in her chair and Vincent went and sat in his.

 Arie put her elbows on the desk and rested her hand in her hands.

 She closed her eyes as tears slowly peaked threw.

 Farah, a nice, a little shy, girl looked at her, "You okay Arie?"

 "No." Arie stood up grabbed her bag and ran from the classroom in the middle of class.

 She ran outside and hopped the schools fence and ran into the woods and sat on a log.

 "They weren't just songs." She whispered to herself as more salty tears streamed down her face, "They were the only things that kept me from ending it all."

 She curled up in a ball and layed on the ground.

 "And now I have nothing to keep from not."


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