Check One, Two, Check

Arie Bache seems to be your normal 17 year old girl, but with a secret passion no one can know about. If anyone finds out they'll laugh at her, make fun of her.
But one day Vincent caught Arie.
And changed her world forever.


2. Kiss

 Arie layed there crying.

 Suddenly, the principal ran up, "Arie you need to get back to class." she crossed her arms.

 Arie cried out, "No! I'm not going back! I don't want to I can't"

 Arie started bawling harder.

 The principal stomped off in frustration.

 Suddenly, Vincent ran up, "Arie what's wrong?" He bent down next to her and pulled her into his lap.

 "They ripped it up Vincent, They tore it to shreds!" Arie choked out the words.

 "Arie it was just a book." Vincent tried to calm her down.

 "It wasn't just a book Vincent! You know exactly how much that meant to me and you know exactly why!" Arie scrambled up and crossed her arms.

 Vincent stood up also, "Arie.." He trailed off, "Can't you just rewrite them? Remember you stayed up all night a few nights ago copying all of them to your computer."

 Arie sat on the log, "I'm sorry I yelled at you Vinnie."

 Vincent sat next to her, "It's okay Arie, I understand."

 "No it's not. I need to learn to control my temper."

 "Your perfect Arie." Vincent looked into her eyes, "Absolutely perfect don't change a thing about you. You shouldn't care what those stupid cheerleaders say, their just jealous because they can't have the things you do. They couldn't ever be as pretty as you and they sure as hell couldn't ever be as perfect as you."

 Arie was shocked, she looked back at Vincent, "Do you really mean that Vinnie?"

 "Every word." Vincent smiled, "Oh, and Arie.."

 "Yes?" She blushed.

 "I was walking past your house last night and I heard you singing and playing the gutair, you sound like an angel."

 "Oh shut up and kiss me." Arie laughed.

 Vincent softly kissed her on the lips.






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