Going Solo

Sabriel Eldar could want for nothing. She has thrills, adventure and excitement lining up on her doorstep, and the luck to survive anything life throws at her. But when a mysterious phone call for a job leads her into the extensive underworld of the city, she can only watch as everything around her is destroyed, piece by piece.


2. Freeze

"Freeze. Drop your weapons and step out where I can see you." Sabriel held her breath and stood to the side of the door, machine pistol in hand, as the deep voice gave out instructions. "Hello?" The occupant of the room stepped out into the hallway and Sabriel moved, knocking the gun from his hand and pressing her own against his temple. 

"This is G18 machine pistol. It isn't a laser, and won't make clean wounds. It is filled with lead bullets, and anything I fire from this range will tear your face off." Shaking, the man raised his hands and placed them on his head. "Talk. Who are you. Who hired you. Why are you here. Spill."
"My name is J'zharr, a few nights ago I received a message telling me to come here. That is everything I know, I swear."
"Who hired you?"

"What do you mean?" Sabriel kicked his legs from under him and hit him in the face with her gun.

"Don't play dumb with me, asshole. Who hired you?"

"I don't know, alright? I got the message, and came here almost immediately. When I got here there was someone in the apartment."
" Male or female?"
"I couldn't tell on sight. By their voice, I'd say male. They handed me a gun a and a heap of money, and told me to shoot the next person to walk through the door."
"What gun?"
"A .45 semiautomatic laser pistol. The same as on your hip."
"What happened next? They left?"
"I shot them. The body is in the other room if you want to see."
"If they gave you a .45, where did you get that gun?" She nodded to the enormous gun on the floor behind them.
"From the person."
"Give me the .45." Silently he handed her the pistol.
"Good, now I have a matching pair. Get up. Walk into the apartment and show me the body." The corpse was lying slumped over a coffee table, face down. Three laser shots had burned through their chest, through them she could see the dark glass of the table. Putting her gun away, she turned the body over and pulled off the mask. The corpse was indeed male, with short cropped brown hair, and scars running down his face.
"Who is he?"
"No idea. But I'm gonna find out." She checked his pockets, looking for ID, but came out empty handed. She flicked on her eye piece and activated her comm. "Dave, I'm sending you a mugshot. I need everything you can get on him. Hack the database if you need to, just give me info."
"I'm on it." 
"You, in the mean time, better start explaining. Who are you. What do you do."
"I'm a hitman."
"Are you any good?"
"I'm Icantan. Of course I'm good."
"Weapon of choice?"
"sniper rifle, or if it comes to it, knives."
"You mentioned a phone call."
"I did."
"Who from?"
"No idea. That's why I shot them. I don't do blind jobs."
"You don't have caller id? Everyone's got caller id."
"Yes," he replied, looking extremely annoyed, "It was blocked."
"And you didn't hack it?"
"I couldn't. My code breaker is barely a month old and it couldn't hack it."
"Right." She walked around the spacious apartment, picking up things and putting them back in different places. She stopped at a tasteless bobble-head dog and picked it up. "What the actual fuck. Why do people buy these?"
"It's easier than you think. I bought one just like it on holiday once, and the police used the purchase to track me down and arrest me."
"That was you? That was funny."
"How did you find out about it?"
"Are you kidding me? It was all over the news. It was hard to not find out about it."


"I'm listening Dave, what have you got?" Dave hesitated, not sure how to say it.

"Well, I found a match on the database. 100% correct. But..."

"But what?"

"I'm not sure how to say this. It's telling me his name is James Eldar." Sabriel froze. "Sabriel? Sabriel, it's telling he's your father."

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