Held Back

Melissa, a 17 year old girl, has a sad story. Her life is not what it seems she wants it to be. With no friends, and a father who does not care about her. She feels, no one cares. This is her story.


3. More

    I woke up to the sound if birds chirping.  The park bench I lied on was very uncomfortable, but it was okay.  I wondered what my uncle was doing right now.  I wondered if he has seen the house yet.  With that thought stuck in my head, I got off the bench and walked around.  While I was walking, a guy came up to me.  "Sorry to bother, but do you know how to get to Main Street from here?" he asked me.  I froze.  He had the most adorable face, with the biggest brown eyes.  A British accent.  "Uhm walk out of the park and take a left the second street to your right." "Ah, thank you. My name is Liam by the way." "N-no problem." His voice kept playing in my mind over and over again.  The whole time I was talking to him, I was staring into his eyes.  He probably thinks I am some creep.  I continued walking, and soon after I left the park.  I was very hungry, but I had no money left.  I just walked and walked.  And I thought about how terrible my life was.  Look at me, an ugly, parentless, 17 year old girl, who has no one that loves her.  No one at all.  I found a sharp object on the ground, and I started cutting.  Cutting deeper, and deeper.  I began to cry.  I never cut before, but I just felt like nothing.  I looked up and saw a dark haired guy, with brown eyes.  "Don't cut.  You are beautiful." and he kissed my hand.  He helped me up from where I was sitting and gave me a hug.  I didn't even know him, but let me tell you he was very cute.  After the hug, I just stood there.  I had to know his name.  So I ran to catch up to him and asked what his name was. "Zayn." He smiled and left.  I looked back down at my cuts, and I thought about what he said.  He really thinks I am beautiful?  Does someone really care? I walked down the street very slowly, and kept thinking.

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