Held Back

Melissa, a 17 year old girl, has a sad story. Her life is not what it seems she wants it to be. With no friends, and a father who does not care about her. She feels, no one cares. This is her story.


4. Can It Be?

   I walked all the way until the sun was completely down.  I kept thinking about Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Harry.  I also kept looking at my scars, and crying.  Thinking, looking,and crying over and over again.  12:00 am and I am still wondering around.  A car approached me and a guy was in the car. "Need a ride to wherever you are going?" Does he think I'm lost?  I don't want to tell him my life.  I was so confused.  "I-I uh I don't really have anywhere to go." "Don't worry love, I can take you back to my place for a bit."  I had no clue who he was.  Well, I had to make a choice: Starve and live out here OR I could take a chance to live with a complete stranger.  After standing there staring at him for a good 5 minutes, I finally walked around to go in the passenger seat it the car.  I got a closer look at the guy.  He was like an angel.  He had a British accent.  "Oh, I didn't catch your name love, what's your name?" he asked.  I kept my mouth shut for a bit.  "M-Melissa" I was able to spit out.  "I'm Louis. I hope you don't mind I have four other friends that live with me. Is that okay?" I just nodded.  Inside though, I was worried.  Five guys, who I don't even know, and I am going to live with them?  We arrived at his house.  I hopped out of the car, and I followed him inside.  "Hey lads, I saw this girl, her name is Melissa.  She was just wondering around town and she looked lost, but she said she had no where to go so I brought her here." Louis said.  They all looked at me.  I knew all of their names already. Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn.   They just stared at me with their mouths wide open.  "What's the matter with you guys?" Louis asked them.  "Well it's just I kind of already met them all. " I said.  Niall got up and said,"You're the girl who asked me what you should get at Nandos.  If you had no where to go, you should have told me." he looked guilty.  "Oh no no, don't worry, my life is just....difficult." I looked up at Zayn, and he was looking at my cuts from earlier. I tried to cover them up, but before I could, Zayn came up to me and gave me another hug without saying one word.  So I hugged him back.  And let me tell you, it was the best feeling the world.  I was actually hugging someone who cared.  Someone who thinks I am beautiful.  I haven't gotten a hug like that in a few years. Zayn told them all that I was cutting, and how he helped me.  They all came in for a group hug.  Did they all care?  I started to cry, and a burried my face in my hands. They all backed up.  "What's wrong love?" Harry asked sounding worried. I didn't know if I could bare to say it.  I calmed down from the crying and said," My mother died 4 years ago.  She was in a terrible car accident.  My father also died, but he died in at war.  So I moved here with my uncle, who didn't care about me.  He didn't love me at all.  So, I was cooking one day and the house caught on fire.  So I just ran away.  I have no friends, so it always kind of felt like no one cared.  I went into the bakery, and that's where I met Harry.  Then I went to Nandos, and that's where I meet Niall.  I slept in the park, that's where I met Liam.  And I met Zayn while I was c-cutting.  And Louis was so kind to bring me here.  I just hope my life can change around."  "Well for starters Melissa, I can tell you one thing, we all care." Liam said so very kindly.  They all nodded their heads.  I couldn't help but smile.  They fed me, and let me watch tv.  Niall asked if I wanted to wear some of his clothes for now.  Just to go to bed in.  So, he gave me a shirt that said 'Crazy Mofo's' and some sweats.  They all gave my a hug, and I went off to bed.  I hoped that this was the start of a new life.  I prayed to my parents in heaven that this was a new start.  I fell asleep thinking of my life ahead of me. 

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