The Styles Triplets

Meet Marcel Harry and Edward. Marcel - the nerdy one, Harry - the popular flirt, Edward - the badboy. Now Meet Kayla Sam and Star. Kayla - The Loud one who always gets introuble, Sam - the quiet one who gets good grades, Star - the semi popular one who hangs out with all the populars.


4. ch. 4

Sam - 

As soon as i get to go in and see him i have to leave. its not fair. i waited for him in the wating room the whole night.

"Who is here for Marcle Styles he can g home now."

I looked up "Me"



"Lets go"

we walked home seeing as how the hospital was only two streets away from our street.

"Im so sorry Marcel."

"Sam its not your fault" he took my hand

"Yes it is, its my faut the were bullying me and you tod them not to hurt Me. its my fault."

"Sam its not ypur fault. at all."

we walked and hen we saw Star Kayla Harry and Ed standing around talking.

"You didn't!" Star said.

"We did" Ed said.

as soon as they saw us we were the center of atention. they saw our hands and gasped.

i just rolled my eyes and let go. "i just wanted to mae sure we didnt fall."

"Ya uh-hu  thats what it was Sam, totaly." Stars said, in her super sarcastic voice.

We all gave hugs and were extreamly carefull of mine and Marcels stomach's.

We all wen inside except for Kayla and Ed.

Kayla - 

"Ed you know, i really havent ever hurt any one before."

"Well now yo have." Then Peter fro the basket ball team ran at us.

"You two. you hurt Jack and Brian. your gunna pay."

"Back off pip-sqeak" Ed said.

"you love birds better whatch it. we will get revenge." he then quickly ran away.

Love birds? ok so ya i liked Ed but really. Plus Peter is the gossip boy at school.

Great now every ones gunna think were dating.

"I have to go Ed." i mumbled.

"Wait befor you go!" he grabed my wrist.

"ahhh ow." i pulled away.

"what? are you ok?" crpap. i pulled down my sleave

"Im fine."

"well i ll see you tomorrow then,"

"wait what were you going to say?"

"Never mind."



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