The Styles Triplets

Meet Marcel Harry and Edward. Marcel - the nerdy one, Harry - the popular flirt, Edward - the badboy. Now Meet Kayla Sam and Star. Kayla - The Loud one who always gets introuble, Sam - the quiet one who gets good grades, Star - the semi popular one who hangs out with all the populars.


2. ch. 2

Star - 

We walked down the hall way and laughed. I looked at Harry and Smiled. he looked at me and smiled back. GOD his dimples were so adorable! i felt my face flush red so i looked down and smiled to my self. To lat had a realized my mistake. Harry put a finger under my chin and said

"Hit it boys."

Then they sang. EVERY time i did that they sang that song. it gets annoying. By now i was used to it but this time wen harry sang his solo it was diffrent. it wasnt his normal song time voice it was more of a ths is how i feel voice. i looked at him my eye brows knit together. He just smile at me.

We were running a bit late for class so we took a short cut down a narrow hallway.

I her sobbing from two dffrent people.

"Sam." I mummbled

"Marcel" Harry Mumbled.

We got closer an saw they were hurt and there was alot of blood.

"SAM!! MARCEL!!" we all cried out.

"Marcel- he-h-hes bl-bleeding. H-help." sam mannaged before she passed out and grabed her stomach.

i looked at Marcel and he was cut and bleeding baddly. 


"Bro who did this to you?!?!?!"


We carried the two to the nurse and she called 911.

The ambulence arived and Marcel and Sam were both taken to the hospital.

Ed and Kayla got sent to the office so they were already there went we went in.

"Sam, Marcel!!" i mubled through my tears.

"What? what happened?" Kayla asked.

"They got beat up and Marcel got stabbed." harry said.

"WHAT!!! BY WHO"  Ed was getting a bit mad.

"Jack." Liam said.

"Who?" Kayla asked

"You know Jack captian of the Basketball team." Louis said.

"Still dont know who he is."

"You dont pay attention at all do you?" Niall asked.

"Nope." she plainly stated.

"Wow." Zayn said.

"Any way my brother was stabbed so ya." he was starting to cry.

"Aww Harry itll be ok" i said then i out my arm around his waist.

"ok." he smiled faintly.

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