The Styles Triplets

Meet Marcel Harry and Edward. Marcel - the nerdy one, Harry - the popular flirt, Edward - the badboy. Now Meet Kayla Sam and Star. Kayla - The Loud one who always gets introuble, Sam - the quiet one who gets good grades, Star - the semi popular one who hangs out with all the populars.


17. ch. 17

Louis - 

My voice was starting to hurt a little. So i told them i wasnt going to scream any more.

"Yayyy" they all cheered.

"So uh i guess were going to just hang out here for the next month and do nothing." i said.

"Wait what if we did like a mini concert down at one of the resturants?" Harry asked.

"Im calling them to ask right now" Zayn said. he grabed the phone and punched in the resturant number. "Hello This is Zayn malik i was wondering if we could prefore a few songs at your resturant tonight? Mhhmm yes mhm thank you. you to good bye."

"We got it!!" 

"Yayyyyy" we all cheered again

***later that night***

We all got ready and headed down to the resturant.

We sang alot of our songs starting with What makes you beautiful, then We sang the songs in order of the album. We got lotts of standing ovations and a couple of people wanted our autographs. Afer that we got free dinner and extra desert. We thanked the owners.

"Louis Could you possibly do this every sunday night?" They asked me.

"Yes we are fre every day." i told them befor heading to the elevator.

When we got up stairs every one went to bed except for me i changed and went swiming for a bit. it was relaxing and i had a chance to be alone before i had to spend the rest of the next year with the boys and Kayla, Sam and Star.

I sliped under the water and relaxed.

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